Greenland Whalefishers - Down & Out REVIEW BY::Punk 4 Life

DL05I saw Greenland Whalefishers live a few years ago and every person in the place was up dancing, including me.
They also played well enough to make me part with my hard earned money for a CD of theirs,
so I was quite pleased when their latest offering 'Down And Out' popped through my letterbox.
With my Irish roots and my granddad always playing ditties from the Emerald Isle how could I not be a fan.
Irish music is a genre all of it's own and love it or hate it there is always plenty of good musicianship shown in it.
If you are a fan of The Pogues/Shane MacGowan or Blood Or Whiskey this will be up your street.
It's traditional as it comes and with good production that comes with any release by Deadlamb Records,
it's as good as anything released by better known Irish Bands.

Tim Davies - Punk4Life -

Greenland Whalefishers - Down & Out REVIEW BY:Hardcore Times
DL05I have been hearing great things about these guys for some time but is the first time I have got to hear them. The first thing that springs to mind is The Pogues, and in my book that's one of the best compliments any band can get! The Greenland Whalefishers go for the Irish/Celtic sound but not in a Dropkick Murphy's or Flogging Molly way, they just play more straight up traditional Irish music, there is a slight punk edge - the same way as The Pogues have, none of the American style - not that theres anything wrong with that. Arvid's vocals are absolutely amazing again not trying to label them as a Pogues clone, but his voice is very similar to Shane McGowans.I love this! the tin whistle solos, the Madeline, Banjo, Fiddle, the vocals, all the songs are catchy as hell, and a lot of them have great sing-along parts, and if your a dancer/jiver then this will certainly have you moving. In summation the best way to describe the boys would be Norway's answer to The Pogues, and if you like that style then this CD is an absolute must. 10 outta fuckin 10!
Reviewed by: Shay - HARDCORE TIMES -

GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS – DOWN AND OUT REVIEW BY:Fungal Punk OMD                                     DL05Depressing shite!  Nonsensical sing-a-long ditty's that don’t rock my boat.  Another CD floating in the rivers of bilge.  These initial thoughts were meant for the review but patience, consideration and several more airings left me with an appreciation of a good band knocking out some effectual tunes with skill and passion second to no-others within this sub genre’.  It’s true this isn’t my bag and I could have disregarded it as such but you have to be fair and through a couple of forced extra listening which resulted in further pleasurable plays I realised this isn't half that bad.  In fact any lover of the Pogues or Blood or Whiskey etc. will love this CD as it is a match for anything the latter two have done. ‘Rocky Road To London’ is my personal fave but in truth they are all good with a clarity and accuracy of sound worthy of anyone’s listening time.  For me it isn’t a must but it isn’t worthy of a slating either.  Make up your own mind.

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