Existenz was founded in Helsingborg 1982 under the name Agda Anal with members Rolle Olsson- bass, Stefan Georgsson-drums, Jocke Andersson-guitar and Magnus Andersson-song. First gig was in Bjuv outside Helsingborg and a second gig at Terassen in Helsingborg with among others Anti-Cimex and Arroganta Agitatorer.
Three weeks before the first ep was recorded Jyrki Siikaluoma joined on song as Magnus quit. The ep was recorded in Helsingborg and was released in 500 copies 1983. At this time the band also changed their name to Existenz. Gigs were made around the southern parts of Sweden.
Sometime around 1983-1984 Rolle left the band and was replaced by David Butolen, a friend of Jyrki. It is this line-up most people associate with Existenz.
In mid 1984 Letīs get drunk before itīs too late was released . 750 copies were made.
In the autumn of -84 Existenz got in touch with Charlie Harper from Uk Subs and Urban Dogs and he got the band three gigs in London.
11/10 with Urban Dogs at Clarendon Broadway
12/10 with One Way System at Ad Lib
13/10 with Uk Subs och Vibrators at Clarendon Ballroom
The gigs went better than expected and plans for a ”minitour in England was made for the summer of -85.
Newcastle- Existenz + Bannlyst (Norge) + Instigators
Sunderland- Existenz + Instigators
Coventry- Existenz + The Depraved (Varukers cancelled)
Bristol Existenz + Icons of Filth, cancelled due to riots
London Existenz + Instigators + Urban Dogs at legendary 100 Club
In the last months Micko from Helsingborg punkband Noncens also joined on guitar and the last gig was made 1986 in Copenhagen.

THE NILZ - EXISTENZ - Split - ORANGE LP - 8 Songs - 4 Each

The Nilz (Ireland) and Existenz (Sweden) Team up for a special split LP. On Limited Edition Orange Vinyl.

The Nilz describe themselves as "Not the 99% or the 1%, we're the fucking Nilz, 4 scruffy Irish purveyors of Punk Rock entertainment" Live show a must to see if you are not the timid kind.

Existenz are one of Sweden's oldest punk bands, starting out in 82 and still dishing it out.