LUCIEN 2004-2009

-2003 -
*Greg leaves UK punk band MR.ZIPPY and on a visit to Stockholm leaves posters asking for other "Jack Swilling, Marlbro Smoking Motherfukkers" to join a new band. Greg neither smoked or drank at the time. The call is answered by guitarist Vic.

- 2004 -
*Greg moves to Sweden. Vic and Greg meet at his 5mX7m apartment in south Stockholm. After Vic entered the room drunk as hell, fell over a chair and spilled everyone's drinks it was decided by Greg that he was the man for the job.
*The band try out another guitar player and Vic asks friend SS to stand in on the drums. After the try out they didn't keep the guitarist but kept SS the drummer.
*Bassist Ekwe joins the band on the strength that he looked a bit like Phil Lynott and had a Napalm Death tattoo. Luckily he could play a bit of bass too.
*Sept 9 2004 Lucien play their first gig supporting The Ackermans in Stockholm.

- 2005 -
*LUCIEN record their first demo.
*The band plays more gigs and branch out to play places such as Örebro, Malmö, Karlskrono, Kungsängen.
*They support such bands as THE ROBOTS, FABULOUS DISASTER and BOMBSTRIKE.
*Vic moves to Gothenburg for 6 months for work, the band carry on playing with a stand in player, Johnny.

- 2006 -
*The band record a 2nd demo.
*Band releases EP "DIY Eller Dö" on many small DIY labels worldwide.
*Ekwe leaves the band as he just wasn't into it anymore.
*LUCIEN go on a short tour of the UK with Maze Of Torment's Cloffe on bass. The band nearly break up due to arguments on tour.

- 2007 -
*Lucien get record deal with Irish label Deadlamb and release debut album.
*Band appear in Close-Up magazine and on cover CD.
*Vic meets bassist Johan from the band OHWEBE on a drunk boat trip and tells him that he is going to join the band. Stupidly he does.

- 2008 -
*Lucien's album get re-released on Swedish label PLUGGED.
*Lucien play at WÄMÖROCK Festival in Karlskrona with THE EXPLOITED...or would have had The Exploited turned up.
*Band work on songs for a new album and get a deal with UK label Seven Records to release it.
*The also decide on a split EP with German band The Wolves and a split tour of the UK, Sweden and Germany.
*Neither new album, split or tour happen.

- 2009 -
*Lucien decide to break up. Vic , SS and Johan will concentrate on their own/new bands and Greg moves to Borås to study. Deciding that one album was good enough they leave it at that.
*August 22nd 2009 Lucien play their last gig at Pretzeltown Festival in Södertälje with Grave, Mimikry, Brutal Polka and more.  

DL09LUCIEN - Debut S/T Album - 10 Song Album
This is the combination of two outstanding EP's Blood Red Diary & The Unholy Lord of Rock.