SPLNTR is an energetic melodic power punk band from Orange County. CA Veterans of the SO CAL PUNK SCENE, they have been playing together as a band for many years.

Along with their contemporaries- Bad Religion, Pennywise, Social Distortion, Face to Face, The Offspring, The Adolescents, Agent Orange, and TSOL - SPLNTR has been mastering and perfecting their version of the classic OC/ SOUTHBAY/ SO CAL PUNK SOUND.

SPLNTR’s sound is derived from a thunderous rhythmic section anchored by Zach on drums, and Guy Munselle on bass. Jay Fritz and Kevin Coy both add a blistering attack in octave nirvana, which cements the backbeat of the band. This allows lead guitarist John Aeder to paint on an empty canvas with various styles of solos. Vocalist Erick Armeson is only left to fill in the gaps with his intense howls, growls, and articulate lyric placement- that puts SPLNTR in a category all their own.

SPLNTR’s live show is an amusement ride of emotions, energy and passion, which captivates and entertains each rider. With a panther-like prowess Erick struts every inch of the stage to engage all members of the crowd. SPLNTR’s sonic assault is instigated by John’s calibration of chords, leading the pack to a non-stop thrill experience. The precision of the rhythm section keeps the audience captivated by SPLNTR’s assault of auditory bliss.

SPLNTR has played with Social Distortion, The Adolescents, The Vandals, TSOL, DI, Cadillac Tramps, The Dickies, Fear, Manic Hispanic, Angry Samoans, Circle One, Union 13, Social Unrest, The Grim, Ill Repute, The Crowd, Fang, The Gears, Shattered Faith, Battalion of Saints, JFA, Decry, Riot Gun, Narcoleptic Youth, The Generators, and Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys

2018  (14th Feb.) sees SPLNTR with new album on Deadlamb Records, TRAILS - Then and Now and Now a new 7" called Propaganda Machine - on Limited Orange vinyl.

SPLNTR -Trails -Then and Now - CD Album
Punk rock band from Orange County, California, USA



SPLNTR - Propaganda Machine - Orange 7"
Punk rock band from Orange County, California, USA