DL04The Deadlamb Records compilation features eighteen bands around the world, including the label’s native Ireland. I thought this release highlighted a wide array of hardcore styles and genres that almost anyone can enjoy. I definitely enjoyed hearing some of these Irish Bands, their inventiveness is amazing. The insert includes each band’s track title and contact info. I think there are a few bands on this comp that I’ll have to keep my eye on. I liked this disc and I’m really not much for label comps.

DL04Compilation featuring bands from Hungary, England, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Greenland, Germany, Italy and Wales- 18 tracks in all. MOUTHPIECE, NOMATRIX and SHORTY AND THE FAT BASTARDS from Ireland are the undeniable show-stealers in my opinion- all old school and raw but the whole comp is fuckin good, BREDFORD from Italy are the most melodic band on here but they still fit in well with their SCREECHING WEASEL approach (of course! they’re from Italy!!). I love comps like this…I’m a sucker for the global thing and when it’s full of pure punk rawness like this is, it’s gonna be a winner with me. Seriously solid comp with Ireland causing the most havoc!!! And damn right because this is on an Irish label…look out for this for sure.
Marco / NFT

Issue 9
DL04Compilations can be tricky. In the case of the bands that are on it, you get one shot at it. This 18-track compilation from Ireland's Deadlamb Records is an international affair. Semmi Komoly from Hungary are up first, and blast out off the blocks in promising style. You might well know few of the bands on show here (AFS, D'Corner Bois, Dogshit Sandwich) but much of this was foreign territory. Whilst I enjoyed listening to this comp, too much of it passed me by. Much of it belts along at breakneck speed, without really taking you anywhere. This is not to say that any ofit is bad as such, just that there is a strange 'novelty' value about proceedings that doesn't make for good listening over the long haul. However, like any compilation, it does have moments. Take, the bizarre 'Los Langeros' who sound like Captain Beefheart doing punk with banjos. Jacknife Powerbombs, Bredford and Lone are all definitely worthy of further investigation. In the end, we are left with two 'wolves' in the Deadlamb pack. Greenland Whalefishers (the more I hear their pissed-up fiesta punk, the more I love them) and Academy - Who have got something very intriguing going on. 'Lambination' is a little 'bitty' on the whole, nonetheless there is hope.
(MOH) 5/10 –


DL04Bringing together bands from all over the world (mostly Western Europe), this 18-track compilation in far above average. Yeah, average is pretty low these days, and with styles on this CD ranging from straight-ahead 80s hardcore to Fat Records style punk to oi, there are definitely some winners and some losers. Reminding me a lot of NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, Hungary’s SEMMI KOMOLY is one of the winners, delivering fast, driving hardcore with strong guitar leads and melodic vocals on their track “Naprol Napra.” DOGSHIT SANDWICH’s “Tracksuit Clone” is a fun one too. I won’t go into the losers, but there is some wretched SAVES THE DAY-ish emo/pop towards the end of the disc. Deadlamb Records could use some help when it comes to art/layout, but it’s a refreshing change from the endless assault of professional looking CDs that go straight to the dump.
Worth checking out! (VH – Vince Horner)

Various: LAMBiNATION (Deadlamb Records)
DL04The final offering from Carl was this sampler from Irish DIY label Deadlamb Records adorned by John Lynch’s hilarious (if slightly disturbing) illustrations of ways to kill a dead lamb! It’s a worldwide affair with Hungarian band Semmi Komoly & the superb Greenland Whale fishers (from Greenland!) who I saw at Wasted the other year. AFS appear with their Bush-send-up 2Texas Idiot” & Dogshit Sandwich’s ode to chavs. “Tracksuit Clone” will amuse all “non-clones”. USA’s best offering here is Jacknife Power Bombs whilst Irish bands Nomatrix & Moutpiece (whose music is free on their website) do their label proud.
Something here for all punks & it’s DIY too!

Kerry McGregor –


DL04Standouts for me are the UK's Arthritic Foot Soldiers with 'Texas Idiot', who we've reviewed here a couple of times and interviewed, Irelands Los Langeros who I don't have a clue how to describe other than class! The UK'sDogshit Sandwich bring a nice classic raw UK punk track with 'Tracksuit Clone'. The US's Jacknife Powerbombs play some nice fast melodic punk, Germany's Lone play 80's style UK punk, Irelands Shorty and the Fat Bastards throw up a nice one, some more vocals would have been even better. Greenland Whalefishers play a Dropkick Murphys type number with some extra Pogues sounds, inlay says they from Greece, but I think they actually from Norway?
A nice mix of world punk sounds from this new Irish label.


DL04I always like these compilation CDs because they give me a chance to check out some bands I haven't heard before. This CD 'Lambination' does exactly that with 18 tracks by 17 different bands. Quite a few of the bands I hadn't heard of and with a wide variety of styles on offer there is something on here for everyone. From old school through American style right through to hardcore it's all covered. I know it's hard to say if a band is really good from just one track but there are plenty of good songs on this CD and that's what matters. I thought the best bands on the CD were Semmi Komoly, Arthritic Foot Soldiers, Dogshit Sandwich, The Pints and D'Connor Bois. On the whole this isn't a bad CD and although I didn't like some of the songs there was enough good music to compensate for that.


DL04Trying to concoct a good compilation CD is indeed a hard task. To appeal to each and every one of us and to offer at the same time a wide choice of tasty offerings adds an almost impossible quantity. So anyone taking up the challenge gets my full support. Fanny Craddock could take a mixture of unrelated ingredients and produce a choice dish – whom in the music industry is up to the task?
It is true that there are many such CD’s floating around ‘out there’ that are an un-thought of mish mash of the good, the bad and the shite. But every so often the odd CD comes up trumps and blends the right bands with the right tracks together on one excellent showcase of a varied musical genre. IN ‘Lambination’ we have one such example.
Here we have a punk rock blend of contrasting brilliance which covers punks finer aspects. With bands from an array of countries this montage offers something for the connoisseur to cherish.
The opening 2 tracks set a high standard with Semi Komoly (Hungary) providing an excellent musical intro that gradually whips up into a frenzied verbal attack which sounds surprisingly americanised. AFS (England) change the tempo with a superb offering from the equally sensational album ‘Tales of a Drunken Generation’. The track in question ‘Texas Idiot’ oozes that elusive British punk rock spirit of yesteryear but contains a musical ability from the modern day.
Other outstanding moments on this CD come thick and fast with, The Pints (Sweden) rattling out an adrenalin soaked ditty, Dogshit Sandwich (England) spewing forth a good sing-a-long chant and the acquired taste of Los Langeros (Ireland), all contributing to a choice dish.
Evil Elvis (Ireland) will appeal to the Agnostic Front fans and even The Pogues fans are catered for with the Greenland Whalefishers (Norway) producing a solid beer swilling melody.
If you are keen on testing new waters then dip your tootsies into this CD and check out some of the more obscure musical talent that swims around us. Its always important to remember that CD’s like this are the key to some bands getting noticed and that can in turn contribute to a healthier music scene all round. These tasters are excellent value for money and here we have no exception. A must buy for enthusiasts on the prowl for new ear candy and an essential opportunity for new bands to get noticed providing there are follow-up CD’s to come (I for one hope there is).

OMD (It’s not bollocks and never will be)
Opinion Man Dave aka FUNGALPUNK