nomatrix.jpgNomatrix: "Ugly" CD (Dead Lamb). New album from this Irish trio. What you get is a mixed bag of original compositions which have a curious late 70's/early 80's feel to them. Some tracks ere better than others particularly the faster ones though there is a tendency towards an Americanized sound if you know what I mean, There is obviously a song-writing talent here but I think it could be more refined and delivered with more energy. The disc comas with minimal artwork and lyrics. (DO)


Nomatrix - Ugly
nomatrix.jpgUngestüm ballern NOMATRIX los. Der Sound klingt stumpf, die Rhythmusgruppe agiert nicht immer sicher, aber immer schnell. Der Gesang liegt oft neben der Spur. Das ist Punk, da müssen drei Akkorde reichen. Mit "Ugly" bringt die irische Band das Genre zurück zu den Wurzeln. Wild und schwitzend, hässlich und unrasiert. Da darf auf Konzerten eine ordentliche Bierdusche nicht fehlen. Diese 16 Songs sind ein klarer Fall für Puristen. (32:03) (4) (Arne Koepke)
© by OX-FANZINE / Ausgabe 72

(Roughly Translated to English)

The sound sounds blunt, the group of rhythms acted not always safe, but always fast. The singing often lies beside the trace. That is Punk, there must three chords hand. With “Ugly” the Irish volume brings the category back to the roots. Wildly and sweating, ugly and unrasiert. There a tidy beer shower may not be missing on concerts. These 16 Songs are a clear case for purists. (32:03) (4) (Arne Koepke) © by OX-FANZINE / Ausgabe 72

nomatrix.jpgIrish punk rockers NOMATRIX has a part on their website wholly dedicated to food and drinks. It even has a recipe for the signature NOMATRIX-cocktail. That’s cute.
But please lads, spend a little less time behind the cocktail bar and some more in rehearsal space.
What “Ugly” has to offer, shows some potential. NOMATRIX mixes up older punk with American pop punk. A pretty fresh approach, somewhat – very distantly- related to, say, very old Face to Face. But I must say that no band in that genre will ever reach to the heels of the almighty Face to Face.
Also, guitarist/lead singer John’s vocals are fine. At some points anyway. At others he’s as off key as Cher without vocal enhancing technologies.
I gotta give credit to them wanting to keep things fairly simple, with basic riffs, basic drums, no wannabe-stadium rock-punk like Green Day’s last (though great) effort. But recording wise, “Ugly” just narrowly passes the demo quality.
For now, I’ll just stick to Guinness and various whiskies as my favourite export-product from Ireland.
Score: 4.5

Christophe and


KSCU 103.3 (The Underground Sound)

United States

Nomatrix - Ugly


I always appreciate hearing punk bands from other countries cuz the music is frequently more authentic and individual, and less influenced by the trend of the moment. Ireland's Nomatrix did not disappoint me in this regard. On this, their second release, they draw from a variety of punk sub-genres, resulting in a sound that is diverse and difficult to pin a label on. I can hear both older hardcore bands such as Born Against and Fugazi, as well as more recent melodic punk bands such as 88 Fingers Louie and the Dillinger Four. The music is mostly slowed-down and fuzzy, but they occasionally up the tempo; either way, it's rocking. Their lyrics tackle both personal and political topics in a heartfelt, earnest manner. Nomatrix manages to be both hard and catchy as hell, and really, what more could you want?

RIYL: 88 Fingers Louie, Dillinger Four, Born Against, Fugazi


Nomatrix - Ugly
nomatrix.jpgWeird stuff. Sort of half-way between Uk classic punk and Us melodic Hardcore (ONE WAY SYSTEM meets LAG WAGON ??). The lyrics follow the same line : some deal with love or personal issues, while others show political concern. The fastest or most angry songs are cool. On the whole, this is pretty good, although these songs lack that little spark that will make me sing along in my bedroom. I’d file them on a shelf together with bands like EASTFIELD, WAT TYLER, or J-CHURCH. (Y.B.)

Nomatrix - Ugly - Rating: 3/5

nomatrix.jpgNomatrix are from Ireland and bring us a 16 song cd based in punk. I only say based in cause these guys have a few things going on here. Some of their songs are raw and real punk. Some are really fast hardcore songs. Then some are more of the poppy melodic type. They are able to pull off all these styles very well. Personally I prefer their hardcore and punk songs and would love to hear an album of them doing those two styles. Don't get me wrong this is a decent release.

nomatrix.jpgNomatrix are an Irish based melodic hardcore outfit on the dead lamb label,
the album calls to mind a more melodic sounding leatherface blended with some
early bad religion and early English punk rock hardcore sounds, 16 tracks of
blistering punk rock,
October 2006

nomatrix.jpgNOMATRIX are a trio from the Emerald isle and 'Ugly' is their excellent new 16 track album. Their influences are many but it all gels together to give them their own sound. Their music is varied and this should result in their fan base being spread throughout punk, hardcore and a few other genres. Ranging from slow, through medium and on to fast as fuck, it's all there. I haven't heard much from across the Irish Sea recently but I was certainly impressed with the quality of the songs and the production is also very good. I generally favored their faster songs 'A Reflection of Popular Minority', 'Want To Be', 'Having To Realise', 'School (Bridge to the Future) Race' and 'Time Kills All' being amongst my favorites but one of their slower songs 'Unsure' was what I thought was the best of a very good bunch.
Tim Davies - Punk4Life

nomatrix.jpgOne of the best CD’s to come from the emerald isle in a long time as this raw, mix ‘n’ mash style offering is vocally delivered with a laid back nonchalance that compliments the fuzz ‘n’ bass backdrop very effectively. The opening ‘A Reflection of Popular Minority’, the pissed up pogo style ‘Want To Be’ and the meandering ‘Endurance’ are the highs of a quality collection that has a certain originality borne of many influences and well blended ingredients. Old school, Americanized lovers of punk pop and your average Joe Punk should all appreciate this and NOMATRIX can only benefit from productions of this standard. Fast, slow, medium paced – like a good all round cricketer these lot bowl straight and sure and will hit many a punk wicket on their way into the precarious punk future. Howzthat!
Dave Fungalpunk/OMD