Vcomp.jpg/A - "Lambination 2" Compilation CD (Deadlamb Records):

Tidy international (well Europe and USA) punk compilation introducing a raft of bands and assorted styles from all over the place and some of them are well worth checking out while some are certainly not worth bothering with being as generic as they come. There's a 4 page booklet with contacts for everyone involved. A bigger booklet would have been nice but it's well priced and available from for $5 plus postage so get it and help support small labels today. (DO)



comp.jpgAuf 21 Tracks werden hier weitestgehend oder tatsächlich vollkommen unbekannte Bands gefeaturet. Dead Lamb Records sind in Irland beheimatet. Die Bands auf diesem Sampler kommen aus Schweden, England, Norwegen, Irland, USA, Ungarn, Kanada und Deutschland. Hier geht es "quer durch den Garten", soll heißen von Tracks, die an frühen 80er-Hardcore erinnern, über Midtempo-England-Style-Punkrock bis hin zu schnellen, melodischen Punksongs, ist hier die gesamte Breite des Underground vertreten. Eine gute Gelegenheit, mal wieder "Neuland" zu betreten. Sicherlich liegen manche Songs unter dem so genannten "Standard", was zum Beispiel den Sound der Aufnahme betrifft, trotzdem kommt der Sampler absolut schlüssig, kraftvoll und kompakt rüber - aber darum geht es auch gar nicht. Den vertretenen Bands wird eine Plattform geboten, auf der auch mal etwas trashigere Übungsraumaufnahmen ihren Platz finden. Und dennoch scheint jede einzelne Combo ihre eigene Website zu besitzen, alle Adressen sind im Booklet aufgeführt. Wer also Interesse hat, weitere Infos zu sammeln, wird hier bestens bedient. Einzelne Songs aufzuführen, macht keinen Sinn, selbst besorgen und reinhören. (54:37) (7) (Zahni Müller)
© by OX-FANZINE / Ausgabe 72

(Roughly Translated to English)

On 21 TRACKs here as far as possible or actually perfectly unknown of volume is gefeaturet. DEAD Lamb record are resident in Ireland. Volume on this Sampler come from Sweden, England, Norway, Ireland, the USA, Hungary, Canada and Germany. Here “across the garden”, should means of TRACKs, which remind of early 80's-hard core, over Midtempo England Style Punkrock up to to snap, melodischen Punksongs is, is the entire width of the Underground represent here. A good opportunity to enter times again “new ground”. Surely some Songs is under the “standard in such a way specified”, which concerns for example the sound of the admission, nevertheless comes the Sampler absolutely conclusively, strong and compactly more rüber - however around it it does not go also at all. Represented volume a platform is ordered, on which also times somewhat trashigere exercise area photographs find their place. And each individual Combo seems nevertheless to possess their own Website, all addresses is specified in the Booklet. Who has thus interest to collect further information one serves in the best way here. Individual Songs to specify, does not make a sense, procures and clean-hears. (54: 37) (7) (Zahni Mueller) © by OX-FANZINE/expenditure 72


comp.jpgLambination 2 - Yet another international comp. Bands from Sweden, UK, Norway, USA, Ireland, Hungary, Canada and Germany. 21 bands, none of whom I'd previously heard of. And like most comps, certainly good for taking a plunge into the unknown. Largely on the more tuneful melodic end of punk, whether that be of the '77, UK82, or power pop variety. Not much thrash, chugga hardcore, or ska peeking out there. And a pretty decent quality overall. I was glad to make the acquaintance of Canada's GLAMOUROUS MAGGOTS, and dug the UK's KAMIKAZE Sperm use of humour, and sax, in their driving punk. If you're looking for something new to check out/get into, this might just be the place to dive in. And you certainly wouldn't say that about all comps... (Ramsey Kanaan - March 2007 #286)

Deadlamb Records presents Lambination 2 (comp cd) - Rating: 3/5


All the way from Ireland Dead Lamb sent us a few items.
The first one being this comp. It’s the second one in a series they are doing. Has 21 tracks by 21 band. Like its says in the booklet its to help people hear some underground punk bands that you normally wouldn't get to hear. Which is always a good thing. I know someone who started a label on that basis long ago) The bands are from mostly all over Europe and the UK and even a few from the USA.

The bands on this comp are all either punk, hardcore and there is even some pop stuff to. Like any comps they all have some really good tracks, some ok tracks and then some you can do without. All together this comp was pretty decent.

Two real standout tracks for me were by a US band called ‘2nd Class Citizens’ and the first track from a Swedish band called ‘Lucien’

comp.jpgA full spirited delivery here done with that rarely found true punk ethos so many other compilations lack. For this reason alone it is a must purchase for the genuine punk follower and the fact that it is awash with quality performers and their songs is a delightful bonus. Loads of familiar names grace this gathering such as Lucien, AFS, Greenland Whalefishers, The Excuses, Suspicious Stains, Eastfield, Nomatrix, Kamikaze Sperm, Crouch Mog and Churchill, all of whom contribute outstanding efforts to a truly great montage of punk flavours. Deadlamb are Irelands flag flyers for the mistreated underdog and this is evidence of a superb job they are doing. The first CD was a particular fave of mine but this outshines its adequate predecessor and sets a very high standard for number 3 - a standard Deadlamb will surely meet and which will lead to many, many more that builds a fine following of loyal fans committed to the cause. If you want your eyes and ears opening to some new stuff then check this out - you won't be disappointed.



comp.jpg'Lambination 2' is the second installment in the Lambination series (Lambination 1 released last year Click Here for review) and is a great mix of different styles from all around the globe. Deadlamb Records are a big supporter of lesser known bands and that will always get my vote every time. There are 21 tracks that are mostly punk but there is the odd metal, ska, Oi and Irish track thrown in for good measure. The foreign bands featured on the album are Lucien (Sweden), Greenland Whalefishers (Norway), California Redemption (USA), Semmi Komoly (Hungary), 2nd Class Citizens (USA), Glamorous Maggots (Canada), Juicehead (USA), Ab Irato (Canada), Hate is Just A Feeling (Sweden) and Lone (Germany). I thought this was even better than Lambination 1 and it's very reasonably priced so all you real punks get your hands in your pockets.Tim Davies - Punk4Life