Greenland Whalefishers-Amazing Space
greenland1.jpgWer Barney McKenna und seine silberlockigen Konsorten von den DUBLINERS schon einmal live erleben durfte, der versteht, weshalb eine ganze Generation von Musikern den Iren huldigen und nur noch eines wollen: genauso werden wie sie. Vor 13 Jahren hatten eine Hand voll Norweger exakt diesen Wunsch, und während Folkpunk à la FLOGGING MOLLY und BLOOD OR WHISKEY langsam populärer wurde, konnten GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS nur in Großbritannien und - nobody knows why - in Japan wirklich Fuß fassen. Nun ist es an der Zeit, den umfangreichen Backkatalog der Band auf die besten Stücke abzuklopfen, durch unveröffentlichte Aufnahmen der Japantour zu ergänzen und eine geniale Compilation zu gestalten. 17 absolut mitreißende Stücke, in denen sowohl Dynamik und Texte als auch die Instrumente sofort an die wohlig-gemütliche, düster-versoffene Atmosphäre irischer Pubs erinnern. Bleibt mir nur noch, den Norwegern die gleiche Ausdauer wie ihren irischen Vorbildern zu wünschen - auf die nächsten 30 Jahre! (55:53) (7) (Katrin Schneider)
© by OX-FANZINE / Ausgabe 72

(Roughly Translated to English)

Who was allowed to experience Barney McKenna and its silver-curly Konsorten of the DUBLINERS already once live, which understands, why a whole generation of musicians and only one want the Irish huldigen: exactly the same become like it. Before 13 years fully Norwegians had a hand accurately this desire, and during Folkpunk à la MOLLY and BLOOD OR WHISKEY FLY-WENT became slowly more popular, could GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS only into Great Britain and - nobody knows why - into Japan to foot really seize. Now it is at the time to knock the extensive baking catalog off that volume on the best pieces to supplement by unpublished photographs of the Japan route and to arrange an ingenious Compilation. 17 absolutely dragging along pieces, in which both dynamics and texts and the instruments of the probably-industrial union-cosy, dark-verse-open atmosphere of Irish Pubs remind immediately. Remains for me only, the Norwegians the same perseverance as wishing their Irish models - on the next 30 years! (55: 53) (7) (Katrin cutter) © by OX-FANZINE/expenditure 72


Greenland Whalefishers-Amazing Space
greenland1.jpgThis is the latest album by these long running Irish... oops... Norwegian folk-punks. They still sound the same as before, but for whatever reason, I’d say this is their best recording to date. THE POGUES rip-off to the max, and lyrics dealing with daily life and alcohol.  (Y.B.)

greenland1.jpgUp until recently I had never even heard of the Greenland Whalefishers, now I’ve received two of their albums in a matter of weeks. No problem for me, I kinda took a liking to their brand of Pogues-like Irish folk.
Anywayz, “Amazing Space” is made up of b-sides and other crap (those are the band’s own words) from a variety of releases that came out between 1994 and 2003. Not as accomplished as “Loboville” but nonetheless a good companion for over an hour worth of drinking!
Score: 6.5

Christophe and


KSCU 103.3 (The Underground Sound)

United States

Greenland Whalefishers-Amazing Space


The Greenland Whalefishers' sound pays homage to The Pogues, the originators of folk/punk fusion rock. Oddly enough, the Whalefishers are not Irish or even Irish-American; they are Norwegian. Go figure. I generally find the whole Celtic punk sound hard to resist. The Greenland Whalefishers definitely capture the sound and spirit of the genre, but are by no means reinventing the wheel. Still, it's a decent jig-able album, and I give them points simply for the novelty of playing Irish punk in Norway.

RIYL: The Pogues, Flogging Molly, The Tossers


greenland1.jpgThis Norwegian band has been around for 15 years ! They play energetic traditional Irish folk music, with a strong THE POGUES influence (minus the raucous vocals). They aren’t bad at all, and I can see why they’re getting so popular, however I’m not too fond of them. I don’t know why. I believe the songs lack a little something to make them really memorable. But the music is nice nonetheless. This Cd is a compilation of rare tracks (ep’s and comps) - one hour of music ! (Y.B.)

Greenland Whalefishers-Amazing Space  - Rating: 4/5


Greenland Whalefishers are from Norway and have been together since 94. They play a nice blend of Irish folk/punk. 17 tracks of really good music. Complete with fiddles, tin whistles the whole 9 yards. I can defiantly see these guys bringing the house down and everyone having one hell of a time as they play.

This cd is a compilation of b- sides, singles and other odd songs from the bands start all the way to the present time. Whatever it is I really like it a lot and would highly recommend to any fans of this genre!