Lucien - S/T - Deadlamb Records

John Martin

Dirty garage rock with enough flair to make any stadium cock-rockers cower in embarrassment. That's the only way I can describe Sweden's Lucien. Following in the footsteps of The Hellacopters and Zeke, Lucien crank out some really classic rock tunes. In the 1970's it seemed many rock bands were just trying to live the rock & roll dream. Taking the soul of blues musicians like Muddy Waters and BB King and injecting it with some hard rock energy from bands that would eventually spawn the first metal wave of the early 80's.

Bands such as Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy and AC/DC began their careers performing 'balls-to-the-wall' rock & roll that sounded as if they had spent all day practicing in a sweaty garage to be ready for their first gig in some dive, biker bar. All of these bands would of course evolve their sound to adapt to the stadium-size audiences their fame would eventually garner them, but this is where my initial impression of Lucien lies rooted.

Steel balls, garage rock with flair. Not the cheesy glitz that made bands like Poison or Warrant so laughable to watch, however, the sort of flair that comes with unbridled confidence. Lucien has that soulful blues lingering through their songs that made those 70's rock bands so interesting. With a competent and driving rhythm section and a twin-guitar attack that makes KISS look like the clowns they truly were. This CD often makes me wonder how big Lucien would've been, had they been born 25-30 years earlier.

I don't find myself listening to straight-up rock bands everyday, but this band is certainly worth any music fans time. If you're into garage rock like The Hellacopters, Zeke, The Hookers or should track this CD down. If you don't listen to any of those bands, but dig classic rock bands like those aforementioned in this review, then you should likewise check these guys out.

Rating: 4/5
Songs Worthy of Replay: Shelley & Pollidori (a cold chill in the air), Unholy Lord Of Rock, The Plowman Vs The Wind.
Synopsis: Classic rock is where everything good in music started. Hardcore, punk, metal and grind all came from the hard rock bands of the 70's. So don't shun good rock bands because they're not on the 'cool' hardcore label. And don't be so closed-minded to not give international bands a chance. There are many great bands outside the trendy US music scene.

LUCIEN - We Thought These Flames Might Set The World On Fire (Deadlamb Records)

Lucien punk metal out fit from Sweden, I say punk metal band as its hard to put a name to this . Fast punchy guitars speeding out of control at times giving more a metal feel, but at times don’t give that impression more a punk feel so who knows. This 10 track offering is excellent so who cares punk metal be the same for now. I really have nothing bad to say about Lucien just there very talented with some very special guitar work on offer. The twin vocals had just another dimension expressing the band even more. Led zeppelin type vocals for sure but a more modern sound and some classic guitar riffs just in case you get bored. Sweden be proud, from the ashes are born a top band of pure energy rock n roll, and even speed metal, or may be just punk, none the less a belter of a cd.
5 out of 5

Review by Alex A



Usually you can judge a book by its cover, but I was thrown off a bit when I first popped this on. With black and white cover photo of some hairy gutter punk types embracing each other with a bottle and cigarette in hand, I figured I was in for some anarcho metal or something. And there is some of that, but also a huge pop punk and Swedish rock influence as well! Well, shit, this band is from Sweden, so heavy rawk and metal worship comes with the territory, but pop punk? Imagine NO USE FOR A NAME mixed with ZEKE. An odd mix, with lots of hair, lyrics mostly on the personal side, skulls, and black t-shirts, this CD collects two EPs originally self-released by the band. Not really my cup of tea, but some of my long-haired punk friends would probably dig this.

BOB GOLDIE – August 2007 #291 – 25th Anniversary Issue


Dass einige dieser rockenden Schweden mit mehr als einem Bein im Black/Death-Bereich gestanden haben, das sieht man zumindest noch dem Artwork des vorliegenden Debütalbums von LUCIEN an (Schwarz/weiß-Optik, Totenschädel, Posieren neben einem Engel etc.), musikalisch steht man aber ganz klar in der Turborock-Tradition. Und das macht man ganz ordentlich: schnell und rotzig und voll Energie. Man hört, dass hier nicht Notenzupfer am Werk sind, sondern Rock'n'Roller, die Freude am Spielen haben und zu allem Überfluss ihre Instrumente auch beherrschen (auch das ein Hinweis auf ihre Metal-Vergangenheit?). Sollte man im Auge behalten und sich live geben, so es sie mal in unsere Regionen verschlägt. (30:29) (8) (Simon Loidl)
© by OX-FANZINE / Ausgabe 72

(Roughly Translated to English)

That some these skirt-end Sweden with more than one leg within the Black/Death range confessed, one sees at least still to the Artwork of the available debut album from LUCIEN (black/white optics, dead head, Posieren beside an angel etc.), in music stands one however completely clearly in the turbo-skirt tradition. And one makes completely tidy: fast and rotzig and fully energy. One hears that Notenzupfer at the work are not here, but Rock'n'Roller, the joy in playing to have and to all abundance their instruments also control (also a reference to their Metal past?). If one should keep in the eye and give oneself live, thus it her times into our regions strikes. (30: 29) (8) (Simon Loidl) © by OX-FANZINE/expenditure 72

(Translated from Swedish)

Full on melodic dirty rock 'n' roll and punk fight side by side against the establishment. Charming - like mooning your neighbour at the dinner table and stealing his wife.
Think the earlier HELLACOPTERS with influences from IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD, ZEKE and something brings to mind the long forgotten MARY BEATS JANE.
Something about this also brings to mind THE SONICS.
LUCIEN includes members that have played in SOMBER, ANGELFUCK and SORG and a band that releases an EP called "DIY ELLER DÖ" (DIY or Die) deserves respect.
The song "Destroy The Ark" is great, Ola Salo can always do with a good kick on the way down.


Another release from Ireland based label Dead Lamb. This time its by a rock n roll band from Sweden called Lucien. Lucien certainly does know how to rock. On this cd you get 10 tracks of rock n roll mayhem. Complete with all the things that make a rock n roll band a rock n roll band. Good vocals, guitar solos, a good fast beat and lots of energy and pasion. One thing though these guys actually are on the verge of metal. You can hear small signs of it in the music and if you read the lyrics they are more metal then anything. Perhaps on their next album a more metal sound will come out. After all isnt metal just rock n roll turned up to the next level?

Regardless of how you clasifie these guys the album is solid and worth buying. Rating: 3.9/5


This starts out cool with a real high energy rock 'n' roll piece entitled "Unholy lords of rock" and I really like what I hear. The vocals are delivered in a rapid manner with a steady drumbeat and a lead guitar that does what it's supposed to and then some backing it up. They set the bar high with the first tune and I think they have a somewhat hard time to follow this opening. There are a few other tracks that I enjoy on here but they don't reach the same level of quality as that first one, yet still being quite listenable I must add.
I like it best when they go for the speed and let the energy do the talking and would've liked to see a record that did that from start to finish. It's rock all the time for sure, but Lucien also mix in some boogie- as well as classic hardrock riffs into their music and while this can get real crappy when some bands attempt it Lucien manage to keep it at least interesting all the way through.
This CD has two recordings, one from 2005 and one from 2006 that both has been self released as EPs before but that I think are sold out now and that's why they're put on this CD.
It can be a bit too much sleaze for my taste here and there, but as a whole this is quite alright stuff even though I still crave more speed.
[Krogh - May 20, 2007]


Swedish well-played and typical punk’n’roll that will appeal to fans of TURBONEGRO, ZEKE, TV MEN, maybe even MOTORHEAD. Lyrics deal with sweat, blood, fear and rock’n’roll. Weird band name, though. (Y.B.)


From almost the opening riff this CD reeks of elaborate metal and intricate rock that displays a band who can certainly play some darn fine shit but stray too far away from what I personally deem to be enjoyable. This is by no means my chosen listening matter but will no doubt appeal to adorers of technical metal and bands who reside in the almost obscure niche between the unstable mountains of punk and rock.

I really struggled to find any high point during several listenings to this effort but that should not be blamed on the band who obviously are appealing to people interested in different genres. For me punk should have no boundaries but that doesn’t mean that any bands can parade under its banner. This isn’t what I’d expect something branded as punk to sound like and maybe the target area needs addressing so as to maximise the potential of a band who would be wasted within the confines of a circuit whose fans can be brutally critical.

From a neutral standpoint I would check Lucien out because it seems a lot of work as gone into this CD and the band are committed to the cause. The verdict is open and I leave you to decide and expect you to agree and disagree in equal proportion.


Lucien - "Lucien" (Written In Swedish)

3 mars, 2007
Skitig punkrock vinner nästan alltid på charmen. Och svenska Lucien är inget undantag på den punkten. För trots att bandets medlemmar har referenser till band som Sorg, Somber, Maze Of Torment, Månegarm et cetera, så är det skitig punk’n roll som gäller här. Med små underfundigheter här och där ska tilläggas, såsom skönt surfiga ”Shelley & Pollodori (A Cold Chill In The Air)”. Stunder där bandet avviker något från sin sleaz-rockiga huvudfåra för att istället närma sig punkabillyakter som exempelvis Tiger Army.

Första fullängdaren består egentligen av material från två tidigare utgivna EP:s – nämligen ”Unholy Lord Of Rock” (2005) och ”Blood Red Diary” (2006). I omastrat format hörs en ganska stor skillnad rent ljudmässigt mellan dessa båda produktioner, men jag misstänker att detta rättats till i den ”riktiga” utgivning av irländska bolaget Deadlamb som i skrivande stund precis släppts. Låtmässigt kan tilläggas att materialet på den senare EP:n (det vill säga den senare halvan av låtlistan) är betydligt råare än det tidigare materialet.

Grundsoundet i Luciens musik vinner, vilket antyddes inledningsvis, mer på charm än finess. Men det är bandets mer experimentella stunder de gör sig allra bäst. Som i ovan nämna surfinspirerade spår. Eller den lite mer Hellacoptersmelodiösa ”Blood Red Diary”. Lucien är absolut ett band som jag förväntar mig att få se mer av – men jag hoppas att bandet vågar ta ut svängarna på fler ställen i sitt låtmaterial i framtiden!

Matts Halmerius