CALIFORNIA REDEMPTION "Do not resuscitate" Ep

Damn, this is one neat slab of clear-red plastic. I love that kind of melodic yet powerful old school Hardcore. They remind me a lot of bands like (early) NO USE FOR A NAME, GOOD RIDDANCE, (early) PROPAGANDHI, REDEMPTION 87, etc. It’s a beautiful Ep, which would have been perfect if it had come with a lyric sheet and info about the band. They seem to write socially aware lyrics but…  (Y.B.)


Tough guy mosh-core from CoCal. The guitar riffs are actually on the mid-tempo, melodic side - DAG NASTY comes to mind - but the vocals are more yelled than sung, and the occasional breakdowns/chanted back-ups are right out of the straightedge hawd caw playbook (although they seem to be straightegde band per se). So, nothing groundbreaking here but these guys do what they do well. (Paul Curran) #293 October 2007


A Lesson In History:
A lesson in history... Literally. Also a lesson in reality. So much more could be said on this subject... like an album's worth. Great lyrics though. I think this studio version is a little bit controlled or held back. Could be more powerful... more intense. I can absolutely see this song being a major force to reckon with, live.
Just A Thought:
Really REALLY good lyrics. Educate yourselves. This song could positively be an anthem. "Don't follow anyone! Don't follow me! Doing what you think is right is the only way to lead! Don't follow anyone! Don't follow me! The path of least resistance is the path to apathy!" This is awesome. I honestly see this an a potential anthem. I'd wear it on a t-shirt. Hell yeah.
Guitar and bass work really well together in this song. The drums are almost tribal at times. Great job!
Kick In The Chest:
This one rings true... you believe in something... the Government, for instance. Put your trust in total lawless liars who snub their noses at you. You who they believe are mere peasants. Yeah, it's like a kick in the chest. When your illusions are shattered, and you wake up. But sometimes a kick in the chest is a GOOD thing.
The song is driving, as it should be, for such content. Hard hitting guitars and drums with lyrics to match.
Done in true old school punk spirit. Takes me back to the late 70's or early 80's. *sigh*
Our Mistakes
This one has a slight metal edge. Dymanic. An easy 'Part II" to, Kick In The Chest. Not that they sound the same... they do not. However, they are both just as brutally honest and urgent. The lyrics, "I never wanted to just turn my back on the truth so much, but miles can't take my mind away" is so true on so many levels, in my own life. I can totally relate here. The feeling of betrayal, anxiety and urgency is right there. If you don't see it and feel it, maybe you need a kick in the chest! because NOTHING LASTS. But there IS hope.
These songs are a call to action. Overall, they are well written and have integrity. Lyrics with integrity? Rare, nowadays! Hopefully people will wake up out of their slumber (apathetic torpor) and learn something because there's a lot to be learned here. Live, they will translate into a ferocious assault to your senses. Intense, in your face, unmercifully honest, AND educational. Yes! Educational. You can actually learn something here. I like their, "think for yourself" example. You'll never get that in mainstream pop. Ewww... I just felt the gag reflex, thinking about mainstream pop lol. Keep it up guys!