NOMATRIX kommen aus Athlone, Irland. Dieses ist ihre dritte "relevante" Veröffentlichung nach den Alben "Induce Vomiting" (2004) und "Ugly" (2006). Die neun Songs auf dieser CD sind angelehnt an klassischen englischen Punk, teilweise auch dessen Anarcho-Ableger. Das bedeutet recht krachigen, rudimentären Sound, kombiniert mit straighten Midtempo-Songs. Sänger und Gitarrist John klingt erfrischend unaufgeregt und passt sich dem Sound der Band an. Die Texte sind sozial- und gesellschaftskritisch, stellen persönliche Entwicklungen und den Irrsinn der Welt in den Mittelpunkt. Vom Songwriting her bleibt bei mir leider nicht sehr viel im Ohr - eine okaye Platte mit Sympathiebonus (6) (Zahni Müller) © by OX-FANZINE / Ausgabe 78

 English Translation

NOMATRIX come from Athlone, Ireland. This is their third “relevant” publication after the albums “Induce Vomiting” (2004) and “Ugly” (2006). The nine Songs on these CD are ajar against classical English Punk, partly also its Anarcho folders. Those means quite cracking, rudimentary sounds, combined with straighten mid tempo Songs. Singer and guitarist John sounds unagitated to recreating and adapts to the sound that volume. The texts are social and society-critically, place personal developments and the insanity of the world into the center. From the Songwriting unfortunately not very much remains in the ear - an okay plate with sympathy bonuses with me. (6) (Zahni Müller) © by OX-FANZINE / Ausgabe 78



The bold outburst of drums, bass and guitar commence this 9 track blast from DIY believers and supporters Nomatrix, and thus 'The New Routine' is underway. A confident song with snarling, controlled vocals and a slightly Americanised guitar inflection that leads into the short sudden assault of 'Blah' - full punk intent, terse and full of that 'Who Cares' attitude. Not a bad start at all.

'Judgement Day' ensues and is one of the CD's heady moments. A skipping verse is wonderfully delivered and contrasts well with the triumphant chorus, posing the question of who will stand up and be counted when it comes to defying the oppressive life. The anti-control/underfoot theme runs deep and the promotion of being an individual and avoiding a beating into submission is a true punk ethic and etched here throughout all the lyrical matter bar one. 'If You Are' is an unformulated example of this and it is an above average song that leaves me wondering where the influences for this band are actually drawn from.

'The Zombie Song' captures the eerie, unsettling ambience well and the throaty gurgles and flesh lust utterances work chillingly as a backdrop to a fine song. 'Myopia Uniform' is a neatly titled rant and although a song with an all too familiar structure it is still a welcome addition to an overall unorthodox mix.

The second zenith is achieved next with the tuneful and smoothly flowing 'You And I'. A pleasant track that is carefully orchestrated and comes across as an upbeat, optimistic piece despite the ultimately questioning lyrical content. One area where Nomatrix seem to establish their own unique identity is in their completely unhurried approach to several of their songs. In fact the more you listen to this CD there comes a distinct feeling of a band who are easily assured in gaining the listeners attention without resorting to full-on sonic attacks.

'An Epitaph' backs up the aforementioned theory and although the opening anthemic drum roll promises a sudden surge the song drifts along with carefree abandon before thoroughly turning the general approach on its head and accelerating forth. A nice touch and the closing tirade 'Me, Me, Me' re-emphasises the unexpected speed blast and leaves the reviewer adequately astounded.

A fine mixture of many colours from the musical spectrum and Nomatrix remain quite elusive and slightly unclassifiable. There are some good well thought out segments as well as more clichéd touches that all combine to make a highly listenable product. Further recordings are anticipated and much welcome as the inklings of diversity shown here are a blessing to punky lugholes.

NOMATRIX - "EP" CD - Maxiumrocknroll #301 June 2008

NOMATRIX sounds a lot like early BAD RELIGION, which I guess is better than the many bands that sound like the seventh album by BAD RELIGION. Early West Coast hardcore fans might like this, but I certainly didn't. (Ray Lujan)


NOMATRIX "Ep" mCd (Dead lamb)

This new record is the same as before, maybe a bit slower and more melodic ; it’s still a mix of that classic Uk punk sound with melodic hardcore stuff. There’s some good riffs, but it still lacks something to stand out from the crowd. The lyrics are really good and attack uniformity and group mentality. Keep an eye out for this band. (Y.B.)


This 9 track EP is Nomatrix's new release on Deadlamb Records. This bunch from the Emerald Isle really mix up their music and whilst punk is one of their influences, Indie, Rock and a few other genres also have an influence. Their singer has a very distinct, slightly American sounding voice which is more prevalent on the slower tracks and he's backed up by capable musicians who aren't afraid to try something a bit different. On first hearing 'You And I' the first few bars sound very like 'Brimful Of Asha' and whilst it's a good song 'The New Routine' and 'Myopia Uniform' edge it for me with 'Judgement Day' being my personal favourite. On the whole this is a great CD which as with their 2006 album 'Ugly' will appeal to fans of many different genres.