There’s the old joke that punk is not dead, it just smells that way. Well, here’s proof that it certainly isn’t dead: Lambination III!

The compilation is from Dead Lamb Records in Ireland and features underground punk bands from all over the world. Including South Africa. Cape Town’s Mutiny open the album up and Joburg’s Swivel Foot are more or less in the middle. It is 21 tracks of pure punk mayhem and enough to gladden the heart of any old punk. Or a new one for that matter.

The sound of the CD is interesting. Some of these guys clearly don’t have much in the way or a recording budget and in this sense, the album is REALLY old school. It seems very much the case that the idea is to get the sound as raw and real as the live sound. Stylistically, its pretty old school as well.. not much in the way of frills and extra’s… just plain old punk and roll.

Punk music over the years has risen and sunk like a corpse in the river of the damned. Its various incarnations and variations are enough to make your head spin. SO I am not even going to Try and catalogue that all here. But what I will say is that if you maintain any kind of interest in the genre, this is a fascinating snapshot of what is going on at a grass roots level with punk bands across the glob. One thing you will notice is that it does seem to include a lot of drinking. Some fiery political sentiments and a lot of drinking.

If you are an angry young punk kid, you will gain plenty of grist to add to your mill here. And if you are a crusty old punk kid, you’ll enjoy a trip down memory lane with some great new twists.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 10:13 AM by David