(DL19) - Mighty Midgets -  Raising Ruins for the Future

Written by: PP on 30/3-10 at 00:40:03

"Just because you have the right to say what the fuck you want doesn't mean you absolutely have to criticize and demonise everyone around you" is how Aalborg, Denmark-based Mighty Midgets kick off their fiery, politically charged melodic hardcore / hardcore punk crossover debut album "Raising Ruins For The Future", immediately placing the listener right in the middle of the whole Muhammed / Jyllands Posten crisis of the last couple of years (Article 19 deals with freedom of speech). It offers sharp, opinionated commentary about the issue suited for anyone into intellectual melodic hardcore bands like Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere, although Mighty Midgets are quite a bit more direct, in-your-face and heavier than those two acts.

While still containing plenty of melody and shout-a-longs, Mighty Midgets storm through their debut without the slightest intention of slowing down, hammering hard-hitting riffs and screamed lyrics in your face like there's no end. So don't expect a breather or too many mass sing alongs if you'll see these guys live, because I believe their shows will be speed-dominated, full of aggression, tight guitars and the all the nice stuff you'll hear about in this review and on the record itself. The guitars occasionally borrow a little too much from NOFX ("Our Perfect Lines" has an identical riff to a NOFX song I just can't get to my head right now), but not enough to make it sound like a problem by any means, especially because MM constantly introduce technical elements into the mix, drawing parallels to a band like A Wilhelm Scream, all the while pounding away with the intensity of local Copenhagen melodic hardcore kids Stars Burn Stripes.

But where Mighty Midgets are at their best is when they focus on playing as fiercely as they can, and including just a teeny weeny bit melody enough to lure the listener into the songs. Good examples are "Plea For Peace", "Too Punk To Funk (Part Deux)" and "The Final Anthropogenic Extinction Event", which should all score high points from the style referees of melodic hardcore. So although "Raising Ruins For The Future" may follow the melodic hardcore textbook chapter by chapter, it at least demonstrates that even in a country where the genre is pretty much non-existent, it's possible to come up with a solid album that should draw fans of the genre to their live shows and open up a few more lucrative support slots in due time. [7]

For the fans of: Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Stars Burn Stripes, Hear The Sirens

Release date 26.03.2010
5FeetUnder Records / Shattered Thought Records / Deadlamb Records


(DL19) - Mighty Midgets -  Raising Ruins for the Future by Fungalpunk - UK

I'd never heard of the Mighty Midgets and had no idea what the SAS sponsors and top notch guys at Deadlamb Records were throwing my way, and so I popped the disc in the player with a baggage free approach. Initial assessments were of a good production of new-school technical punk that stayed away from becoming too self-indulgent and exhibitionist and thus retained favour from Fungal. More spins and the feelings were the same so the review unfolded as follows (simple intro hey).

'Thoughts On Article 19' takes a hasty breath and opens up with every aggressive facet and blinds you with technical intricacy interwoven with fully taut and ill-tempered gobbology. It is an exact start with much ado about something and the flag of favour is lofted high for all to see and accept as to which way the wind will blow throughout this CD. Chopping guitar strokes then tumble with varied vocals going at it full tilt. The mix is absolutely spot on and where so many bands fail at the final productive hurdle these impressive imps succeed big time. With every listen a new sub-route is followed and further interest stoked, poked and provoked. Guitars duel in one short spurt and the end is insisted upon us and all after only 1 minute 26 seconds. A perfectly timed opener and the follow on is more incessancy of the same standard and informs us 'You Are Not Alone (the World Is Full Of Assholes)'. Mmmm - very reassuring ha, ha! 6 seconds longer than its predecessor the thrust is immediate and is a right pummelling penetration of the aural jacksie leaving the listener shell-shocked and prolapsed. Neat outlandish touches are kept to a minimum thus creating a greater effect and not hindering the song too much. The band handle their instruments with almost sexual expertise and each and every component ejaculates a valid contribution to the end pool of sonic semen. The outsider feeling of not being understood or even noticed is disaffected punk incarnate and delivered with erudite sharpness that I am happy to be sliced up by.

The learned approach continues with a stunning tirade against weapons, the system and the surrounding flab. The best song of the lot is a pure stunner with intelligent lyrics glowing amid a furious fire of sincere intensity. Ominous strums accompany a sober statement before drums tumble us into a screwed guitar riff that makes way for the glorious initial verse. A mesmerising feast is enjoyed before a slight alteration of tone causes one to ponder before a chorus of gigantic magnitude is poured over our acceptant heads. Memorable and some of the best shit I have heard from a sub-generic pool I am not usually at home in. Delicious - splash away dudes! The Ernest Hemmingway quote at the end of the lyrical content is a sweet touch and once again shows we are dealing with no thickhead pricks. More sobered strums and we are done before a drone draws us in to the straight ahead routine of 'Our Perfect Lies'. Very, very American this one in all areas with a sound so familiar yet regurgitated and made as though something new. I particularly like the buzzing bee bass that accompanies the versage as well as the clarity of the entire offering. One I could walk away from if any lesser band had concocted this number but again the end arrangement is spot on and so keeps me intrigued.

Being brave as a reviewer and trying to predict the impending music is always a precarious path to take and I am oh so glad I held back my judgement at this point. Why? Because I would have been completely wrong that's why! The ethos behind 'Freezing Factory Floors' is admirable and is a kind of rally call for all labourers enslaved to have their day and for one small moment to be considered. Rampaging hardcore that stomps and romps with a couple of great riffage attacks to savour this one is another bulls-eye and another major highpoint. 'Time Well Wasted' tumbles along and includes a James Dean quote as well as encouraging us to not waste the minutes and get out there and live your life. Fair enough - advice taken - review over!

(Ominous time passes and one wonders if the reviewer will return - please add own tense organ music and irritating heartbeat)

Ok I'm back (boo hiss) and on with the overview. The false start is borne of a man possessed but the song soon gets exorcised and we have a short sprint filled with energy albeit somewhat staccato in effect. The double M's are certainly not hanging around and we move into the textually hippy tirade 'Plea For Peace' with barely time to scratch ones arse. The vocals are still on fire and the mix still immaculate although this one is the duff doughnut from a case of cracking confectionery. A bit to busy for me and never really gains any momentum. If dissected there are some good muso-moments but as a full song it comes across as rather fractured. The finale is joyous, perfectly delivered and somewhat saves the day. 'Greed Energy' is an environmental gem and I clap with agreement of the lyrics found within this tempestuous whirlwind. Wild fury, deep resonant guitar slices and splashing drums mix with direct approaches that make this a busy number ending with a great final plea for us not to 'Fuck It Up'.

'Too Punk To Funk - Part Deux' is one which will enchant the new-school lovers and has yet more great words to savour as difference is requested to be put to one side and equality and respect given a chance. Within religion or rock many must take heed and be a little more tolerant of all that isn't the 'accepted' norm (fuck extremists and frauds though). Arnie welcomes us but what the hell does he know? Not a bad track with the sub-chorus terse and tuneful. 'The Final Anthropogenic Extinction Event' builds with bass, cuts deep with guitar and then bowls along with expected passion. 3 or 4 similar flavours are combined cutely to bring a fair song that varies pace and retains attention at this advanced stage. In case you are drifting off then ' As Seen On TV' will get you back on the ball as the 24 second ear-bashing is boisterous, outstanding and well-positioned.

The last card is dealt and given a true punk title, namely 'Fuck The System etc'. Unlike the orthodox punk basic belligerence one expects we are given a technical lesson that screws around with its own rhythmic privates and in some respects showcases all the best aspects of this band. A bit too long and a bit too involved to be honest and I would have preferred the Midgets to sign off with a short, sharp attack that simply says – ‘that's it so have it'. But then that's only a Fungal opinion!
So for a CD of this ilk I must say I am more than a little impressed. The band can play, mix it up and are obviously in tune as to what to get out of a production room. There is plenty of passion and the first half of the CD is to be savoured over and over again. Young and old and the twats in between should surely find something to tickle the sonic shaft here so I guess all I can say is 'examine further please'


Metal Orgie, France

Après le sacre d'After the Fall, les Mighty Midgets s'approprient en un seul et court full length les rênes du créneau "entre Strike Anywhere et A Wilhelm Scream", presque devenu un genre à part entière depuis quelques temps. Armés de l'authentique hargne de ceux qui ont des choses à dire et les qualités techniques requises pour les défendre pleinement, les Danois partent à l'assaut de la scène punk hardcore mélo européenne...

Privilégiant les formats courts (1 à 2 minutes), ils avancent pied au plancher, en ligne droite. La seule préoccupation qui bridera leur inexorable fuite en avant c'est ce tiraillement perpétuel entre pulsions punk hardcore sauvages et tentations technico-mélodiques.[Soft Break]Sur le papier, ça ne s'annonce pas des plus suaves. Et pourtant, à coups de refrain mélo par-ci, de sing alongs par là (fin surprenante de "Plea for Peace") ou encore d'un groove finement distillé ("The Final Anthropogenic Extinction Event", "Our Perfect Lies"...), Mighty Midgets finissent par séduire subtilement.[Soft Break]Un peu comme s'ils ordonnaient à leurs auditeurs "Oubliez tout, dévalez ce long couloir blanc le plus vite possible", et au passage ils entrouvraient discrètement des portes pour introduire double chants engageants, chœurs, soli endiablés, et autres ruses qui boosteraient ce sprint effréné de 25 minutes.

Et puis voilà, en bout de course, galvanisé par une orgie de chants mélo-criés euphorisants, l'auditeur-sprinteur percute puis s'accroche à "Fuck the System Etc", pièce épique de 5 minutes (faisant d'ailleurs écho au "Ruins for the Future" joué quinze minutes plus tôt). Une cavalcade qui ressuscite et dépasse en vitesse des spectres de Strike Anywhere, et qui aux alentours n'est peut être devancée que par un Propagandhi en pleine bourre.[Soft Break]Elle parachève un album en hommage à l'énergie brute, viscérale. 25 minutes d'un savant défouloir aussi jouissif que fédérateur.

Danish people which is really angry and you who think this is  Gasolin, DAD or similar must think again because this is really  fast punkrock which is the thing for this group and I think that you are into early American hardcore would like this a lot because this have much in common with that and together with more melodic USHC and that in a very positive way for Might Midgets and doesn?t play fast just for the sake and it´s cool  because they manage to do that and this is among the best  things I have heard from Denmark in a long time? 12/4-2010


Skrutt Magazine, Sweden

This is genuinely fucking brilliant! If you like your punk rock played at lightning speed, with hardcore energy but with melodies that stick in your head for days, these guys seriously deliver.

To get an album that is catchy without sacrificing rawness and energy is a tricky thing to do. Some bands end up sounding too poppy or some bands go too far the other way and the melodies lose their definition, but this keeps all it’s punk credentials AND has sing-a-long qualities. It’s just done very well!. The speed is at times mesmerising, particularly as the band are also playing quite technical parts and are clearly fantastic musicians.

Stand out tracks for me were ‘You Are Not Alone (the World is Full of Assholes) , which explodes with energy and the ridiculously catchy ‘Our Perfect Lies’ with a bass line that is so fast it sounds like a drill! 

An honoury mention also needs to go to the brutal ‘As Seen on TV’, but to be honest, there is not a bad track.

Fans of Strike Anywhere and Propaghandi will love it, but it will appeal to fans of fast punk as well as a melodic hardcore crowd.

This comes very highly recommended. We have a few in the TNS distro and you can also get it from 5feetunder.com.

Just get it! You won’t regret it!

Andy TNSrecords Fanzine


MIGHTY MIDGETS "raising ruins for the future" Cd (Dead lamb)

La base, c’est NO FX, BAD RELIGION, et surtout PROPAGANDHI. Mais attend ! Ne passe pas tout de suite à la chronique suivante ; ce disque est génial. Y’a ces harmonies vocales et ces riffs de guitares et de basses mélodiques, mais à côté de ça, t’as des passages bourrins de la mort, des stop’n’go’s, des solos qui tuent. Franchement c’est classe. Du vrai Hardcore moderne qui devrait plaire aux lycéens, sauf qu’en plus ils ne chantent pas des conneries de boutonneux sur le skate et les filles qui leur brisent le cœur, au contraire, les textes, pas du tout sloganistes, façon PROPAGANDHI, parlent de la mondialisation, de la guerre, de l’écologie, de la société de consommation. Dans un digipack plutôt joli, avec une bonne production. Ils me font penser à certains groupes des pays de l’est, mais ils sont du Danemark. www.deadlambrecords.com (Yann)

ox-fanzine.de from Germany. Zine #91

MIGHTY MIDGETS Raising Ruins For The Future
CD I Deadlamb I deadlambrecords.com I 25:37 I Die vier jungs aus Aalborg, Dänemark, wissen einfach wie man guten (melodischen) Hardcore-Punk macht. Generell scheinen die Skandinavier ihr Lieblingsgenre gefunden zu haben, in dem sie ein Spitzen-Album nach dem anderen raushauen - genau so ein Spitzen-Album wie ,,Raising Ruins For The Future", In zwölf Songs werden aggressions geladene, energische Hymnen dargeboten, die mit den ehrlichren Songtexten perfekt harmonieren (denn Dänen lügen nicht!). Die Zwerge beweisen auf ihrem Debüt, dass sie zwar vielleicht körperlich klein sind, aber muslkaIisch und textlich mit den Großen mithalten können. 25 Minuten lang prügeln die Dänen ihren Hardrore- Punk a Ia DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS raus und keiner wird sitzen bleiben! (9) Peter Nitsche