(DL25) - Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Shattered Dreams Parkway
More from the lovely folk at TNS in Manchester. This is a mighty fine new album from ROTPM. It’s more high energy punk at pace with catchy choruses. It’s not samey either as there is change in tempo and a variety of punk within the 15 track album, the bands 3rd. The whole label is enthusiastically run on a fine DIY ethic and needs your attention. Along with this comes a Revenge Of... zine, which is a good read which deserves to be filed alongside the CD. There are many other bands on TNSrecords so take a look at their website.

(DL25) - Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Shattered Dreams Parkway
If you have not seen Manchester's Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man before, you are in for a great show. Human pyramids, human wheelbarrows and human toberlorones. 'Shattered Dreams Parkway' will never show you these extraordinary live happenings, but it will open your ears to ROTPMs fast paced, don't give a fuck punk.

You'll be hard pushed to find a song on this album that breaks a 2 minute mark. Two of them do not even reach a minute, and sprint over the finish line like a punk rock Mo Farah. The energy and musicianship of this trio can still be fully heard (be lucky your ears can't blink as they would miss it). Coming from an underground scene too (band members are part of TNS Records, a truly grassroots punk label) this band have everything you want in hardcore thrash punk, the speed, live shows beyond everything else and brilliant lyrics and song titles. If 'Ready, Steady Bastard', 'Look At Me, I'm A Fucking Tiger' and 'Surfing Past The Stoat' don't grab you attention then you should miss out. More than highly recommended.

DL25) - Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Shattered Dreams Parkway
A local band to me whom I have dealt with in the distant past before we twisted off and went our separate ways. Over the years the formula has changed but now settled to become something the crew are more settled with playing and more appropriate to their influences. Speed, sub-text, idiocy (to a certain crowd) and if I am honest - bare assed artistry at a decent level. After listening to this motley collection several times I was convinced that nothing new this way came but am also convinced that this is vying for the bands most effective stuff to date (however sussed it may be). The crew seem to be enjoying their style and that is what it should always be about as well as holding a threat to veer off and vandalise all that people expect. I reckon the latter point isn't met but that is a personal punked opinion and not one many agree with (bastards). Anyway this one is a fair heave ho and I'll do my bit to push, prickle and praise the CD as well as assess, undo and arse about with.

The thunderbolt that initially shoots up the acoustic jacksie is coined 'Another Way', a fast fuck rattler that harps on about how co-operation will help society grow and beat the ruling elite. Idealistic of course and when the ones at the bottom can't pull together you know we are fucked...but you still gotta dream. The racket that accompanies the wordage is swift, to the point and played at a tight tempo. Without audible lyrics all message is lost but who cares anyway - what a shame! The racket is solid though and welcomes us in hurtful style. 'Ready Steady Bastard' is bog standard lyricology but forget that - the furious pummelling aggression and somewhat epileptic retard affect is all-consuming and it is this lunatic suffering that gives appeal. With all batteries liable to blow it is good to see arses put on the line, thrashed to buggery and come out with a blistering eruption as thus. I should say 'oh fuck' but I say 'thank fuck' - I be always up for acoustic agony!

'Cold Turkey' opens its account with deeply wobbled wires that kick up a groove the rest of the band must join in with if their balls are truly big enough and, may I say, pendulous enough. One expects a change, something less nut-crunching but after a sobered bout of rhythm making the assault of the second slam-dunk is at ya - like an attack from a whizzed up octopus wearing steel boxing gloves this one is all over you with no escape - you come away sore but thankful (a bit like an altar boy after an encounter with a blood-thirsty, bum-hungry bishop) - nasty! 'Look At me...I'm A Fuckin' Tiger' is a song about opinions - enter OMD! Opinions are what should make the world go around be they right, wrong, misinformed or based on favour - you should have the sense to suss em' and enough belief in yourself to ride em and take what you need from em'. Like em' or not they will still come so suck on it and live with it. My opinion on this song is of a good blast out that is sub-snottiness, sweetly petulant, unsettled and disturbed. The most orthodox tear up and that is very much needed at this stage. Smoke that kipper people!

Breather time, all is well at this stage!

The best of the lot comes next with 'Red Top Bullshit' a scathing bust up against the textual twattage we all get overloaded with. Tits, lies, crosswords, right wing bigotry, celebrity shagshit and biased drivel the band deal with it via a thumping song that tears up the sonic pages, farts loudly and blows the bits away. ROPM at their best and one of their finest moments to date - why not indeed and I'll certainly argue the point!

'An Aggressive Lecture' travels hard and mixes two manic males within a swirl of foaming riffology. Anti-prejudice splatteroids hit various marks on the already shit-stained walls of our punked soul and we are bowled at fast and hard with hardly any room to manoeuvre. 'Beer For Breakfast' is equally violent with more focus and hits higher levels of appreciation from this aural observer. A good message to all those with a devilish thirst is only numbed by the final statement of 'Not every day or you'll die' - darn killjoys. It is a good thrasher and clubs the senses well. 'Hobby Horse' raves against the financial scandals but leaves me a little cold. I needed something more at this stage and so may you - never overdose on too much of the same. If the song came earlier it would have perhaps been looked upon in a fairer light then again..! A song that plays it a little too safe and comes across as a bit of a 'skip' moment. I'm still a little puzzled why I don't like this one but I reckon its because it sounds like too much I hear everywhere that lacks a competitive edge - a strange moment! 'A shit-filled transistor sound next welcomes us into the sweet riot known as 'Is This Cool'. Back on the right track for me with a good vibe vandalising our immediate vicinity and shaking us into vigorous action. Unified hollers add excitement, a pre-finale sub-terrace rant reaches a new zenith where tightness gets painful (oooh me nadgers) and I find myself ready for some action after this - smash the networks fuckers!

The nailgun comes out and we rapid-fire through the next one which is slaved with the name of 'Captain Gin Vs The Victory Gin'. An assaulting song that just doesn't quite deliver the dusting over it threatens. It ain't through want of trying though - the swift running time saves an execution whereas the terse tune that is 'Fuck The Sea' needs no such salvation as it is supreme idiocy regarding one disturbed mans grudges against a liquid beast he just can't gets to grip with. A grand moment of infected insanity with surely Matt Woods is the guilty goon responsible for such cretinism. I like this one very much indeed and although a defender of the 'liquid green' I'll give this a thumbs up due to its mighty desire and fractured thinking - ill man ill!

4 left and as quick as buggery I shall be. 'Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far' (most people are fake by any chance) is a belt out regarding moving ones arse (no bad thing). A lot of talkers should pay heed here and the walkers should just enjoy. 'Clint Eastwood, The Man With No Name' is fun for the band and those that like to be beaten over the head with a repetitive vibe that will not let up. The fact that the last line hails 'Any Which Way But Loose' makes a mockery of these dudes cinematic credentials and leaves me with a sour taste ha, ha - not at all - usual fare, usual frivolity. 'Surfing Past The Stoat' upends the boat and spills into the sonic sea numerous inebriates who like to dabble with the drink. I for one condone drunken idiocy (as you all should know) as well as keen to peddle riotous numbers - it will do for me. '15 Million Merits' is a fine way to finish and is etched with a doom tinted warning, billows with big tit toneage and hits a point close to my heart - that society is shit and heading headlong into oblivion. This is all fine and dandy but when the bugs and beauty of nature get hammered my back gets turned upwards. A strong wind blows and is very much needed as my patience was wearing thin.

So 15 tracks which are primarily of one style which of course shows consistency and how much the band are into 'their thing'. It trespasses on hardcore, it maintains rhythm, it brings nothing new to the overfilled table of racketology but...it packs a punch, it never lets up and it glows with intensity many would struggle to maintain. It won't stand out from the pack as the pack is..well packed but this is a crew having a go and getting off their arse and doing things how they want. The scene isn't about agreeing or disagreeing but respecting those that are trying - sometimes though that isn't enough. Fuck it, fuck you and have a peek at this - you could do worse, you could do better but you could do nothing and that would be the biggest crime of all!   Review by: www.fungalpunknature.co.uk