(DL27) - Nomatrix - First Time Riot Split 7"

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Nomatrix is a group that I like quite a lot of their music sound even though they are only three men in the band and I'm sure that you who liked the Mega City Four and Senseless Things, but wanted a little harder tones would appreciate Nomatrix even more for it are more mess of guitars etc here. In the song The Scene is really good and they have an attitude that I really like and it's a punk attitude that is cheeky. First Time Riot and I like the bass line in the Accelerate initiating song. Otherwise, it's really well-played typical English merging punk and I think a little about a group that Peter and the Test Tube Babies or something. Really good! 4/12-2014

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(DL27) - Nomatrix - First Time Riot Split 7"

Both bands on this limited edition split 7" are bands who I have worked with in the past and who have been quite supportive of the Fungalised/Spit and Sawdust ethos. I thoroughly enjoyed all that transpired with some good noise emanating from both camps before a somewhat premature silent period. Two of the members of Nomatrix make up the force that is Deadlamb Records - a mighty admirable promotional DIY punk label that has done more than its fair share for underdog punk and, continues to do so. FTR are early players on a few Fungal gigs and also are bitten by the dog over and over again and so we have 2 units very much on the radar and who have given me much to ponder. So what do we have here after such a considerable wait:-

Nomatrix first and a real raw and gutsy effort that swirls around the pit of noise with the usual bands wavering rough-house edge. ‘What Are You For' crashes straight in and throws itself about with controlled abandon (just). The first verse rattles along with all scuzzed sound backing those emerald utterances, and into the chorus we go - a sub-chaotic repeat of the title with all splashing and smashing in pure punky joy and enhancing the clatter ten fold. We go through the routine again, we get a terse soiled break and buffet around to the end - a short, sharp shake-up - ooomph. 'This Scene' follows in equal bustling style with a more deeper weight hitting the attentive midriff. Drums hammer away, guitars skid and scuff, the gob seems in control and does what it does regardless of the mania in the rear. This combo works and it is so good to see Nomatrix holding on to their style, keeping it grimed and with a nice new hunger. The end production may smack of DIY but it is a good quality DIY at that - take note. Plenty of wallop in both songs - keep at it boys and let's see some more pretty soon.

First Time Riot roll in with a crummy bass line that weaves us into the main thrust. Resonant, loaded with well driven melody, plenty of pace and with a new vocalist doing a sound job with a solid accented style that is easy to grow fond of. 'Accelerate ' is breathless and driven with a bit of class - the FTR machine are cruising here and still outstripping many competitors. One listen and I am already thinking of a reconnection. Gotta be done - a smart tune that is intrinsically simple but given much juice by a quality crew. A small peach and I reckon this will be a massive moment 'live'. Talking of which...'We Are First Time Riot' is more prime sonic shizzle with high octane energy, a comfortable verse and a terrace chanted chorus that will have that sweaty pit bouncing. The string work is crisp and usual fare for a good unit, the sticks are up to the job in hand, all is tight and tidy - the closure punctuates a sound sentence of noise.

2 bands whom I love, 2 songs from each that I find very rewarding and ideal as a partnership - do not hesitate - support these fine DIY underdog stalwarts. My advice - both do a split again soon with a different band each and then swap over and keep the circle expanding until...oh until!    Review
by: www.fungalpunknature.co.uk

(DL27) - Nomatrix - First Time Riot Split 7"

Review by: Razorcake

An Irish band and an English band playing pretty pedestrian streetpunk. Neither band is terrible, but neither band does anything here that is remotely interesting. –Chad Williams (Dead Lamb, john@deadlambrecords.com, deadlambrecords.com)