(DL29) SOCIAL SCHISM: Destination Nowhere: CD

Review by: Ox-Fanzine
Seit 2006 ist die Band aus Southend On Sea in der Grafschaft Essex aktiv und tourte bereits mit einigen Größen aus der Punk- und Hardcore-Szene durch Europa. Ziemlich derber (Hardcore-)Punk trifft ab und an auf äußerst dreckig gespielten Reggae.

Das ist D.I.Y.-Punk, wie er wohl insgesamt gewünscht wird, mir aber nur ansatzweise gefällt, auch wenn die Melodien Frühachtziger-UK-Punk- und US-Hardcore-Charakter besitzen. Und genau das verbinde ich mit der Anarcho- und Hausbesetzerszene.

Die dünne Produktion und vor allem der zeitweise schräge Gesang jedoch überzeugen mich nicht.

Simon Brunner

© by Ox-Fanzine / Ausgabe #111 (Dezember 2013/Januar 2014)


(DL29) SOCIAL SCHISM: Destination Nowhere: CD

Review by: Razorcake
Really good political punk rock. You know, the old kind with mohawks and leather jackets. Great male and female vocals offset each other nicely. This disc does a great job of staying urgent without sounding cliché. The message isn’t old if nothing ever changes. I like this. –Ty Stranglehold (Dead Lamb)

(DL29) SOCIAL SCHISM - Destination Nowhere

Review by: Fungalpunk
Gobby, opinionated, fast, aggressive and bloody likeable - well that's how I find this lot, what about you? The band I dealt with in their early days (seems like ages ago but I am sure it ain't that long) and helped them along a little whilst they found their feet, contacts and some sort of stance. Thoroughly loveable people who gave a couple of good performances on the odd Fungal show – ta! The band have moved on since, it has been a while since I viewed them or indeed heard any new stuff so I am keen to assess where these feisty fuckers are up to. A line up change has brought in some femininity (poor Ben just didn't have the knockers for it) and so I expect a good deal of variation within a very whipped up soundscape. Anyway - let us see what these Essex hardcorian 'erberts are offering these days and duly get to the meat of the melodic matter.

The warnings arrive, the skies darken, a bass line is brief but sets the stage before the initial power surges of an all out blitzkrieg attack are upon us. 'Price Of Liberty And Life' is a real classy opening salvo of utter alternating aggression that lets you have it in yer complacent face full fuckin' blast. Immediately one wants to get up, erupt and smash the shit out of all those indolent twats who produce nothing and reduce everything - thank you Social Schism. The guitars are thrashed, the drums molested and clattered, the twinned tonsil sniping very fuckin' tasty and splattering venom filled saliva over every fucker who wants it or not. The band sign off from this first onslaught with rapid fire assuredness - I am impressed and reckon if they maintain this level of violence the CD will be a classic. 'Slave Trade' chugs in, offers a duel between two irate beings that copulate and give us a nice bout of bitch/bastard rage. The metallic guitars flash, the bass weaves with the best of em', the drums charge along and keep all things aflame. A riotous rib-rattler, no apologies, no let up. Not as meaty and flamboyant as the first and lacking the surprise factor but a bold offering neatly injected with a riff up moment that raises the quality mark. I am still with ya dudes!

'Squatter For A Day' (well we all know those don't we) is a questioning tirade that relies on the built up energy and fury the band have thrown forth thus far. Tempo's alternate, throats are still shredded to the max, more control is had though and that makes for something slightly different. The double ended vocal style is embroidered with clashing threads of garish colours coughed up from lungs of passionate hatred. Not a bad burst and the short running time is welcome. 'Destination Nowhere' next, a bass tickle, feminine angst delivered with control, buzz saw injection, bog brush chorus - over and out. More bass fiddling and 'Nihilistic' hurries its arse with segments placed in position in usual order, ripped open and displayed and rattled forth without too much strenuous effort. A midway bout of 'as you go' fluidity - without threat but without flaw and any hint of change. 'Society' creeps with a skank before a tin canned hollowness of guitar escorts the first verse and duly adds a different texture to what has gone before. The chorus cleans up matters and creates a fine contrast between the urgent, angry, disillusioned and all that is kept in check. The bass weaves, sticks do what is necessary for this kind of ditty - a nice juncture within the swifter pieces.

Next and the ‘boo boo’ moment, namely the corned and sickly predictable 'How Far Is Too Far (How Far Can Too Far Go)'. A real disappointing tribute piece that many bands crack out in moments of thoughtful retrospect and more often than not coming up with a piece that leaves one quite cold. I get what the band are trying to do and the emotive angle they are playing for but...a cool no, no from Fungal. Just not enough bite, not enough disgust with things that can't be changed, not enough pride in the chest. Hey - that is how it feels and the way the band have put this CD together it's about time they threw in a Fungalised dud. 'E. B. D. raises the bar back to the belligerent heights and nails a high tempered chorus within a general whip up that does the job. Maybe the production values on this CD are more complimentary to tracks like this and the previous track suffers as a consequence (worth considering when I play again). Back to it though and yes - this latest burst is what the crew need to stick at - short, sharp, up yer bracket and outta there.

'Fascist Police' is an expected title as they are inside and outside the scene with their ubiquitous idiocy - a real bind to bear for all who don't need the restricting shit they spout. Once more we race along with the bass a notable force that adheres all components together - Id expected nothing less. More he/she gobbage, more biting noise, the temperament is kept nicely in check, the whizzing force sucks us in, the inner pogo-inducing instrumental is sublime - not bad at all. 'Are You Angry Or Are You Boring' is more cluttered than many of its counterparts and only just squeaks by on the right side of din-laden decency - nowt wrong with the odd close shave. It is the usual quick thrust many bands throw in and with its rough and rotten edge it is just as well it skips along - I like these short fucks up the attentive arse - they help reinvigorate the senses. 'Rise Up' uses the now typical formula and although has a bit of 'oomph' it goes astray during a sub-skanked section that just doesn't cut it. Too clouded, enshrouded by upper scuzz and so not clean enough to create a startling contrast between the songs segments - it happens. I find this effort doing a lot but achieving little as a lone number - it just kinda gets lost in its own steam. 'Mi Li Massacre' builds itself up with extra chuggered and buggered belief before taking stock, allowing the drums to roll the band into the main thrust and then...adopting a routine too similar to what has already transpired. Plenty of gumption, nice switches in style (however subtle they may be) and a good opposing vibe between the cruising verse and more pissed and head-slamming chorus that is semi-radioed out and wired up with ill temper. We stagger around, threaten to finally explode but instead get caught in a ponderous episode of primal screaming and then...well we eventually get to the much needed last screwed up blast - about time and nicely puked forth.

Last two and 'Fingersmith' goes with the defiant flow and just gets on with things in expected style, a somewhat chanted number to chomp along with that has little variance from the set theme. The closing 'Truth Is The First Casualty' is much more like it with a skanked mode of melody that showcases more about the band than one could be excused for overlooking. A real ghetto-ised vibe with a feeling for the song at hand. As pace gradually increases the effect is greater although I do feel the guitar could have been crisper and the bass more resonant. The band loses themselves in the moment though and that heightens the conviction for the listener - a fair closure that never tries to be nothing new under the pock marked sun.

Overall a decent CD this but for some reason I expected more. What's missing? You tell me but I reckon the band have far more up their sleeves than they are revealing here. Some songs nail it, some fall into the sonic shadows of the more overpowering neighbours, a couple get lost in the mix but...Social Schism have passion, have a decent attitude and have members who put their arses into gear - that is worth supporting and this CD, despite my slight criticism, is well worth a punt. The squeeze is on again - listen up - Fungal demands.