(DL35) BLISTERHEAD - Border Control

Unique mix of 70s and 50s music it's written in the press release and I do not know. It sounds more like a description of Misfits than Blisterhead, but in Valley of the Dead, I think I hear a bit of that description and it fits in quite well! It's melodic and it's music I just love. That song looks like my favorite song on the record. Otherwise, there are both Rancid influences as well as Clash influences and on the whole the only thing I miss on this EP is that there are more songs because I would like to have at least ten songs more in the same style because this type of punk rock is so nice to listen to ...

Unik blandning av 70-talsmusik och 50-talsmusik står det i pressreleasen och jag vet inte jag. Det låter mer som en beskrivning av Misfits än Blisterhead men i Valley of the Dead tycker jag mig höra lite av den beskrivningen och att den passar in ganska bra! Det är melodiskt och det är musik som jag bara älskar. Den låten seglar upp som min favoritlåt på skivan. Annars finns ju både Rancid-influenser likaväl som Clash-influenser och på det stora hela är det enda jag saknar på denna EP:N det är mer låtar för jag skulle vilja ha haft minst tio låtar till i samma stil för denna typ av punkrock är ju så trevlig att lyssna till…

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(DL35) BLISTERHEAD - Border Control

A brand-new Blisterhead EP titled “Border Control” is out now and that means everyone who enjoys 50s rock ‘n’ roll and 70s punk rock are in for a real treat.

Released on May 19, the new EP shows off why this band was well respected in the Swedish street punk movement. It was recorded live in The Panic Room Studio together with Thomas “Plec” Johansson and features fast-paced guitars and bold messages that fuse together and inject firepower through the EP’s four tracks. The theme throughout the EP questions the current situation for refugees in Europe and how the political world mistreats and excludes people, giving the EP a sense of purpose. The overall sound experience is exactly tailor made for fans of bands such as The Ramones, The Clash and Rancid.

The opening track “Border Control” immediately lets you know what you’re in for. It’s fast pounding drums and rhythmic basslines compliment swirling guitars and made-for-punk vocals complete with a catchy chorus. The song is an accurate portrayal of the EP’s sound and is a great opener to get listeners juiced up for what’s to come.

“Valley of the Dead” follows up with a prominent bass opening by bassist Andreas Emanuelsson. The lines “We will never be free” show the band’s lyrical approach of struggling against higher powers, a necessary ingredient in any punk revolution. Two songs in and Blisterhead does not disappoint in delivering quality choruses wrapped up in energetic performances by all band members.

The third track “Blood On Your Face” is also a head banger and it really shows off Erik Törnqvist and Kim Nilsson vocals and guitar work as they combine their talents by harmonizing well during the chorus. Closing the EP is “System Overload,” which continues the introspective lyrical approach that questions the government. “We’re all to blame for the mess we created” speaks true of the situation the EP tackles, and the bold nature of the lyrics really add depth to the songs. The guitar solo is this track is up-beat and the drums are as solid as they can be, leaving you with a feeling of wanting to listen to all again and again. Though the EP is short, it provides just enough to get you interested in checking out more of their discography if you haven’t already.

In the end, if you’re a true hard-core punk fan, it’s a no-brainer: “Border Control” is a definite purchase. Blisterhead is known for taking riffs and basslines from different eras and providing the best punk experience you can get in today’s world.

The vinyl issue is distributed by Dead Lamb Records (Ireland), Dirty Old Man Records (England), Rock Em Dead Records (England) and Punkebjartes Punkeplattor (Norge). Cramada is handling the digital release through Sound Pollution Distribution, Phonofile (Nordic countries) and The Orchard (worldwide).

(DL35) BLISTERHEAD - Border Control

Founded in 1999, Blisterhead comes from Skövde / Göteborg, Sweden. It brings together bassist Andreas Emanuelsson, drummer Johan Carlsson and guitarists Erik Törnqvist and Kim Nilsson. The latter three are also devoted to vocals. His style ? From ska / punk / rock. But with Scandinavian sauce.

Characterized by its basic guitar chords, "Border Control" is bathed in a punk reminiscent of the Clash (NDR: think of "London Calling").

Punk / Celtic rock, "Valley Of The Dead" could have been featured in the Pogues repertoire. It may be a bit sweeter. Prudence, though, if you do not want to end up toothless, like Shane MacGohan ...

More rock / garage "Blood On Your Face" evokes the armed conflict that shook Ireland, between 1968 and 1998 ...

"System Overload" comes down to a primary punk, a track traced by a song with three particularly frenetic voices. We are waiting for the new album impatiently. And then the combo happens near us. Live, in my humble opinion, he has to move!

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(DL35) BLISTERHEAD - Border Control

Attitude is that there is no shortage of the Swedish quartet (had to be from there) and a lot of musical quality, my friends. The four songs that pass like a rocket with only 10 minutes of duration in its total, comes with a slightly heavier mixture of The Clash with Rancid and those mega choruses refrain that excite until supporter of small team.

"Border Control", "Valley of the Dead", "Blood On Your Face" and "System Overload" are songs that come to border perfection, not only in style and I'm almost sure that even those who do not like a short sound, Direct and no frills, you will be delighted with this EP.

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(DL35) BLISTERHEAD - Border Control

I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big punk guy. But if I do get the urge to listen to punk, I prefer real punk (although I do very much enjoy good horror punk, but that's a whole other story). For me, real punk has certain criteria. I expect socio-political (bordering on anarchistic) lyrics, fist-raising anthemic choruses, sing-a-long moments, and very simple structure. For me, punk goes back to the icons. The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Angry Samoans, etc. Upon listening to the latest offering from Sweden’s (yes Sweden) Blisterhead, Border Control, it did not disappoint. Four songs of pure old school punk fury. Full of slightly off key lead vocals, gang vocals, and fist pumping anthems. In fact, if The Ramones threw in some minor ska influence, it would be hard to distinguish the sound. Upon the first instant the title track’s gang vocal chant came on, I knew I had a winner. It’s incredibly catchy (almost to an annoying point, but that’s exactly what I want). I imagined a bunch of throwback punk rockers still wearing patch-covered leather vests, combat boots, and spiked hair playing these songs. Can you imagine my complete (and much appreciated) lack of surprise when I came upon a photo of Blisterhead and that’s exactly what they looked like. The sound doesn’t necessarily vary all that much between the songs, but that’s exactly the point. “Valley Of The Dead” easily has the most melody, and its a great second song after the title track gets you in the mood. Easily, my favourite number is the very politically charged “Blood On Your Face”, whose catchy shouted chorus (“Blood on your face, blood on your hands/All in the name of the Fatherland”) transcends borders in my mind. Whether you’re European, American, or what have you, it rings incredibly relevant in this day and age. Its also one of the catchiest songs on the album. The irony of that is probably what endears it to me most of all. These guys are doing old school punk right. As with almost all punk, you don’t listen to it looking for originality or progression. You listen for a certain style and aggression. Blisterhead delivers exactly that. No apologies, no silly shit.

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