(DL37) BONO! - No Escape

Of course, it's not Bono from U2 if anyone thought it. Without this, is a group which starts very quiet as if to speed up the pace a bit. Very good, I think it makes me think of anarchopunk in a very positive way. I like when punk sounds dangerous and it really Bono does because it's almost about them. The four songs breathe so much anger so that you get almost scared and I miss a lyric sheet because it's not always I can hear the angry what they're singing. But, musically, I think about old Political Asylum and almost a bit harder. The four songs all have something good and what they mostly have is the hard sound that you can not miss. No Escape is probably my favourite song and there will be almost a bit more pure hardcore in the American way.


Det är självklart inte Bono från U2 om nu någon trodde det. Utan detta är en grupp som börjar väldigt lugnt som för att sedan speeda upp tempot lite. Mycket bra tycker jag för det får mig att tänka på anarchopunk på ett mycket positivt sätt. Jag gillar ju när punk låter farligt och det gör verkligen Bono för det osar nästan om dem. De fyra låtarna andas så mycket ilska så man blir nästan rädd och jag saknar ett textblad för det är inte alltid jag hör genom det ilskna vad de sjunger. Men musikaliskt tänker jag nästan på gamla Political Asylum fast lite hårdare. De fyra låtarna har alla något bra och det de framförallt har är det hårda soundet som man inte kan missta sig på. No Escape är nog min favoritlåt och där blir det nästan lite mer renodlad hardcore på amerikanskt sätt.

Skrutt Magazine 7/10

(DL37) BONO! - No Escape

We discovered Norwich-based hardcore outfit BONO last year at Wotsit Called Fest, in which they produced the most aggressive set on a relentlessly chaotic lineup. Since then we have kept tabs on the four piece, looking forward to any new music they might release. We wait no more as ‘No Escape’ is very much on the horizon.

What we have here is nine minutes of mostly everything we have come to expect from the four piece, especially with the title track, ‘No Escape’. The raspy shouts, the crunchy riffs and pit enticing attitude. It’s a groovy singalong anthem with plenty of gang vocals that I expect causes pandemonium live. The formula is for a wild atmosphere.

Where this EP differs from the previous self-titled EP, which is five tracks of all-out ferocity, is the added influence of melodic hardcore in places, it’s subtle enough to not alienate the usual BONO sound. But, the slower riffs towards the end of ‘Despair’ and the throat tearing emotional shouts in ‘Axe To Grind’, the intricate guitar melodies on top also give the songs a slightly different atmosphere, but they still feature mosh segments for you to lose your shit to.

Production wise this isn’t the strongest, but it works towards that DIY hardcore appeal. The gritty sound just adds to the gritty atmosphere the music unleashes. The only downside to the EP as a whole is that the best track is leading single, ‘No Escape’, and sadly it’s the shortest song out of the four at just over a minute long. I can’t tell a band how to write, but their “balls to the wall” sing along anthems with a punchy attitude is certainly their strongest point. I’d love more of that.

For fans of Salt Wound, Belief System, Hardout, Adjust, Beer Money

Broken Arrow Magazine 7/10

(DL37) BONO! - No Escape

East Anglian punk rock has an ever-growing reputation on the UK D.I.Y. Punk scene. Bands like The Domestics, Faintest Idea, Casual Nausea had paved the way for new bands like BONO! to emerge. Full disclosure, punkonline.co.uk founders hail from the region so we are a little bit partial to the local scene!

Available on vinyl and digital download from Antipop Records, (and Deadlamb Records) No Escape is the 4-piece’s second EP since forming three years ago. The opening track, Bullshit, begins with some casually strum guitar notes and then embarks upon a chunky rhythmic and melodic segment and then just lifts off into an aggressive punk rock second half channelling Gallows…wow!

Despair, does away with the soft introduction and goes straight for it with some intense punk rock full of tempo changes, throat busting vocals and some strangely appropriate guitar solos all propelled by some machine gun drums.

The title track, No Escape, underpins those signature vocals with some tight guitars and backing. It’s a great punk rock song. The EP closes with Axe To Grind, over four minutes at a slower tempo but, no less powerful. There are some moments of sheer melody and excellent musicianship and then, after a short pause midway through the song, the band changes direction and brings forward a more urgent and faster paced section that then blends with the opening to create a powerful climax…great stuff!

BONO! having played Hasting Punk Fest, Pie Race have a very busy 2017 planned, including appearances at Rebellion Festival and Punk Rock Holiday 1.7!

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