SPLNTR - Propaganda Machine

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Oh what a wonderful title song that shows a really fast punk song without in any way overriding. Thinking a bit about Bishops Green a bit musically and it's a compliment I think at least. Six men strong is the group and all are named SPLNTR by last name. Are they related, -). The back Propaganda machine is also a really good punk song and the group is more than interesting. Do you like the just mentioned Bishops, Cocksparrer etc then I think you will love this orange single as well. Really high class. Must put it on again and again and again .... 18 / 7-2020

Skrutt Magazine

SPLNTR - Propaganda Machine

From Orange County, California come Splntr, a band who bowled me over with the album 'Trails', an effort that I had to give Album of the Year in 2018 and one that I play over and over and get duly excited by. The band pack a punch, have great energy and deliver tunes that are well-mixed and with great impetus. Each area is given space to shine, here I am given two track to assess and am pretty excited. I quell the enthusiasm though and remain neutral - come triumph or trash you will get the words to match, all done fairly and squarely and without favour.

And spin...

'Propaganda Machine' is a consummate construct of liquid raucous rock and roll straight from the street where you can feel the heat and duly pogo to the beat. With a twist of the volume dial, the power and general sweeping spunk all rise in magnificence and from the stagger swagger opening we go through to the impressive burst that is awash with flamboyance, hard-hitting cobblestone desire and an artistry not to be underestimated. The band move from verse to chorus with compacted power, throw accusations at the idle and the controllers and emphasise a situation of mental slavery that duly destroys all. Tight-knit, with latent muscularity apparent the song initially promises much and in my opinion, delivers in expected style. Man, I am so glad the band have maintained the standard.


'Banners And Slogans', in we go, no fuckin' about, the system is all go. The heads are down, the guitar work sharp, the skin slaps brisk with the vocals as ever irate and urgent. A very fluent song like an eel travelling the rapids and one that needs due time to fully grasp. It isn't an instantaneous smack in the mush but, when given firm attention, takes hold and squeezes out a positive response. The inner radio-fied inclusion is perhaps a distraction although a nice touch but for me the song comes into its own following this tuned out moment when the band hurtle to the finish line and leave on a good buoyant bout of angry blasting. I am still 50/50 come the end though but I am very much a Splntr fan.

2 tracks, if you haven't heard the band before you will be impressed, if you have listened in the first song will be perhaps given a label of 'bang on', the second 'adequate but there are better bomb-blasts'. Fungal comes, Fungal listens, Fungal gives honesty - this band are something to be reckoned with though and for me, have a whole host of classics just waiting to be borne. Go get 'Splntr-ed'.

Review by Fungalpunk