(DL49) NOMATRIX - Throughput

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4 songs called Fool, Fight, Throughput Will be down and Struggle with momentum are what is offered on this record and it feels like it is one of the best punk companies right now. Fast melodic punk rock that almost makes me think of early hard American punk in the introductory song Fool. Fight is an even faster song and I can only surrender because this type of punk is just the best. I train when I listen to the record and it's a great record to make it to and I love the bass lines in Fight. The title track Throughput Will be down makes me think of early NOFX when they felt a little more dangerous and if possible the last song Struggle ... is still faster than the others. Buy!!!! 18/7-2020

Skrutt Magazine

(DL49) NOMATRIX - Throughput

Nomatrix hail from Athlone in Ireland, they are a decent crew with 2 of the members being stalwarts of the Deadlamb Records cause, a label that supported the SAS Tour myself and Andy Noise Annoize set up way back in 2006. Since then the band, the doofers and myself have all continued doing what we do, regardless of the struggle and the general shittery. Here we have 4 tracks to textually molest and give a fair crack of the inky dipped whip to - oomph!

'Fool' judder-shudders, finds a straight and direct drive, states, refuses to hesitate and asks a question many may shy away from. This 1 minute 46 second thrust takes no prisoners, has a hurtful weight whilst all the while making for a delightfully impressive 'no fuck' listen. My punk nature will not be deflected by long drawn out episodes of noise, tis always the sub-2 minute stuff that wins my favour each and every time. This sonic surge and strut comes, adds some worthy initial bruising to my gentle acoustic membranes and has me quite eager to be knuckle-dusted by the next track. 'Fight' is a delicious piece that puts one up the muscle heads and bullies and simply states that no matter what, when the chips are down, a confrontation will not be shied away from. The ethos is one I live by, always dig in for your beliefs and try and do things the right way. There are many who try and be the ruling roosters in a chicken shack of folk just trying. These cockerels need their wings clipping and their false countenances stripping away with a kick up the arse given for good measure. I like the fire in the belly here, the incessant approach of the arrangement and of course the distinct tones of a band I am quite taken by. The bass is a solid source of urge, the drums skip with heaped up fever, the guitars are brisk, breezy and slicing, the accent vocals precise - have it.

'Throughput Will Be Down' is my favourite from a full-fuelled quartet. It wins my favour due to its heartfelt annoyance, direct delivery and steam-rolling confidence that tramples the fucks who have adopted willing blind acceptance in exchange for a piece of the oh so sickly money-pie. The racing annoyance, the inner foaming essence and the overall forcefulness of the sandblast is both lucid and abrasive, a combo many seek, many fail to find with any degree of success. Nomatrix are playing with a liberated air here, running with a brisk exactitude and ill-tempered hunger - I am liking this more and more.

We close this fascinating quartet with 'Struggle With Momentum', a stagger scatter gun assault with all areas spray-splatting your inner walls of attentive matter. The relentless and murderous madness thrashes out a blood-hungry lunacy built around an inner shaft of thriving desire that spasms, shockwaves and spews forth in a tantrumised onslaught that has such a wicked venomous streak. Amid the mayhem the band maintain control - it is no easy thing and I applaud the effort.

4 tracks, 4 slam dunks for the connoisseur, 4 whipping efforts that show even the overlooked and neglected can still continue to kick arse and move some folk into reactive praise. This is a quartet that comes, goes and a leaves a solid impression - I am very much excited by this. I am going to order a Nomatrix T-shirt and if they don't have one I will be sending a right stiff letter. Come on folks, keep up!