(DL50) DEADLAMB RECORDS - Free 50th Sampler

Rate: 9 Stars

A collection of already released songs from all their groups that they released on Deadlamb Records. I do not have everything so I think the album is nice. Two Swedish groups hold up our flag and that is Zoo Party and Existenz, two really good groups and Existenz have made a strong record in this split and also on their new full-length. Was about to forget the fantastic Blisterhead who here do one of their best songs ever Border Control. They start with the last record and go down to the first. Nomatrix begins the album with their tough and well-played punk. Greenland Walefishers folk punk can never go wrong. SPLNTR and Eastfield are both tough bands that I really like. The Nilz split with Existenz and The Nilz are a bit odd but cool. Jobseekers are one of the best bands on the record with their tough punk. The Hoors are of the same caliber but slightly not so good as Jobseekers. 2 Sick Monkeys fast punk with wonderful bass line do Blinko and I which I just love. Disturbance starts with a good loop on the bass and you just sing along with it… Bono! Have an odd name considering U2's singer and musically they are a bit calmer than many other groups on the record initially but when the song Bullshit starts I get happy. Criminal X is really aggressive and does it well! Plan of Attack sounds good… .typically British! Most hardcore on the album probably plays Save the Embers and Social Schism with their fast music and with singers who sound angry. First Time Riot had this song on a split with Nomatrix and they play a slightly odd style that reminds me of old punk bands. Distorted and good! Revenge of the Psycotronic is singing about Beer for Breakfast and it sounds wonderful! White Flag and Electric Frankenstein are probably the most well-known bands on the record and most people in the punk scene know how they sound. Shoplifters are poppy in their punk music but touch me a lot! The Nerks probably play the most messy and fastest punk on the record. Like early American HC. Leather Zoo's 50's punk is cool I think and want to hear more from them. A lot of melodies in their music and they are a bit reminiscent of Undertones. Septic Psychos are hard and angry. I like that. Mighty Midgets has a song that is very intense with back ground vocals and everything. The Tans with their Devil Eire shared this record with Greenland Whalefishers but The Tans are more punk than them and anarcho punk of the better kind is what we get. Runnin Riot may have taken his name from a Cock Sparrer song, what do I know? It's not impossible because it's streetpunk that is played and really good one as well. SMZB are really melodic and even have a bagpipe in the music and that gives their punk an extra touch. Valdez plays tough punk with nice bass lines and you almost get an Exploited feeling in a positive way. California Redemption was released as number 10 on Deadlamb Records and they have a sound that I like because it does not sound like everyone else but it is completely punk! Lucien plays diesel-smelling punk rock in Zeke's spirit and that's never wrong. The first record that was released on Deadlamb records was Future Hate (Information Incorrect, Future Hate was a bonus track. First release was a Nomatrix demo) which is last out here and they have a female singer who sounds angry and musically it's a bit more difficult punk. A really good collection and perfect for you who have not heard anything from Deadlamb Records before. 13/8-2020

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