(DL51) THE STEAM PIG - Deep Fried Obedience

8 Stars

This is an album that came out in 2000 for the first time I think and now I get to hear it again 20 years later. A pleasant experience and it has not aged at all, I think because their fast-playing punk is as good as it was then. In Gunning Down at the birdmen, they even get some reggae beats. What strikes me is their long song titles and that's good because then they will be quite alone about them. My favourite song on the record is probably My Last idle Death threat which has many different styles in one I think. There are not many opportunities to rest between the songs but it does not matter to me because the music is so good and you just want to hear more all the time. A perfect record to train for because I have the vinyl player in the garage and listen to it a lot when I train and this gives energy. If you have missed this group, I think you should take the time to check them out because it is really worth it and they clearly cheer you up and it is needed in these pandemic times. 25/2-2021

Review by Skrutt Magazine

(DL51) THE STEAM PIG - Deep Fried Obedience

Deep Fried Obediance - Original CD Review

Wer hätte das gedacht, es gibt ihn also doch, den zeitlosen Punkrock, der immer schön sein wird und niemals hässlich. Eine Gitarre, ein Bass, eine Schiessbude und die immer gleichen drei Akkorde ­ herrlich.

Der zweite Longplayer von THE STEAM PIG, "Deep Fried Obedience", kann den auch schon sehr starken Erstling nochmal toppen. Zwar immer noch rumpelig, aber immer noch schön heftig, schlagen uns die drei Iren ihre Kracher um die Ohren.

Mag es am hohen Ansehen des Bieres auf der grünen Insel liegen oder woran auch immer, egal. Leicht streetpunkig scheppern einem Perlen, wie "Motörhead at 5 am", "Gunning down the birdmen" und "Fail your bloodtest" um die Ohren, die auch lyrisch nichts an Witz vermissen lassen.


Who would have thought that it does exist after all, timeless punk rock that will always be beautiful and never ugly. A guitar, a bass, a shooting gallery and the same three chords are wonderful.

THE STEAM PIG's second long player, "Deep Fried Obedience", can top the already very strong debut again. Still rumbling, but still pretty hard, the three Irish hit us with their crackers.

May it be because of the high reputation of beer on the Emerald Isle or whatever, it doesn't matter. Slightly street punk pearls like "Motörhead at 5 am", "Gunning down the birdmen" and "Fail your bloodtest" rattle around your ears, which also lyrically don't lack humour.

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