(DL54) NOMATRIX - Assemblage

The guys who run Deadlamb Records have been stout supporters of what I do and I am always happy to do my bit in return. The chaps are in a band that I have followed since day dot and I have reviewed many of their outpourings - I am rarely disappointed. Here we have a good blend of noises familiar and a few new explosions - I am keen to get stuck in so here I go.

'Myopia Uniform' thrashes in with scuttled urgency. A development comes and a quick stop and start shuffle leads us into the damning verse that nails the fashion and those dressing up to the cross of disbelief. More electric writhing action comes with a disgust laden globule of seething spit launched into those diluting rebellion and just creating another social club. I am excited by the wired up intro, it has the bands essences tattooed throughout and is laden with defiant spirit and good scuzzy-fuck noise. Short, loud and fuckin' havin' it - yes. 'We Are Fallen' sways in before hammering along with great purpose. The pace and precision is a joy and the elements of things local and from beyond works mighty well. As I listen I am bewildered by the fact that Nomatrix have not done bigger and better things, this song would fit ideally on a US big band compilation and if the song was labelled under another name many would be lapping it up. I care not for who are the creators and if a big name backs up an output - if the racket is good then it is good, if not for me then it never will be - this is a cracker.

A bass line, a preparation and then an onslaught. 'Vanity' is a pertinent piece in a world of self-absorbed madness. The song initially looks in control, the topic chosen becomes all too much for the players and emotional overspill comes via a 1 minute 6 second defecation that leaves a nice shit-stain on the walls of your eavesdropping areas. Short and sonically aggravating is the way I like things - kaboom. 'Weekend Life' is a quick follow-up punch, it wastes no time in doing what it needs to do before fuckin' off into the great realms of 'job done, fuck you'. Sharp, regular and rapid this is one of the more primitive songs on the CD and one taken for what it is, enjoyed and tossed to one side. I enjoy the chasing swing of 'Music Of Merchandise' more, a waltzing number that packs a meaty punch and leaves one doubled-over. There is much meat on the bone here, great dripping shreds of flesh waiting for the hungry tonal chompers to snap at. An irritated edge, a scuffled and skanked hybrid, a toxic spill of energised music played in the bands very own style - what is not to like? And once again, terse and impacting - smashing.

'Fool' has a fuckin' mean and spiteful edge with an opening throb stutter not to be trifled with. I know this song well, it is a real ear-worm and drills home its intolerant vibe with unapologetic intent. A bewilderment at the low-level intelligence this searing incident showcases the bands spirit, reactive approach and all round ability. I love the gear shifts, the aggression and the general orchestration - it is a very invigorating number. From the sand-bag thumping to the more fluent we go with the excellence of 'Fight' absolutely lapped up by my Fungalised self. A fast-rolling routine with all components as tight as fuck supporting the overall encouraging vibe. There is no reason to lay back and take a kicking, no excuse for letting the bastards walk over you and get away with their shittery. Get up you gits, play this loud, recharge your batteries and get out there and stand your ground. This is wonderful moment backed up by the runaway train of 'Throughput Will Be Down' - a muscular number charging with unstoppable force and just reminding me why I asked the band if I could add it to my Fungalised Bandcamp page so as to help showcase what this lot do. Acute, unsettled and happening but all the while totally focussed and nailing the noise. I listen to this song quite regularly. it is one of those that blows away any cranial cobwebbery. Tis' fuckin' choice racket making don't ya know.

Charging on with the key-tapping digits ablaze and 'Struggle With Momentum' comes next. A bag of clutter-buggering cacophony, it batters the belfry in a fine fashion with the following onslaught foaming and thrashing in the ocean of turbulent tonality. From nowhere a brief moment of respite is found before the violence continues and we are kicked to fucked and left to wallow in the wonder of some solid passion. 'Clown Parade' follows, has a bubbling bass line with a good lick that dictates the modus operandi of the track. Initially more subdued before a fracture of the mental and musical restraint is had and all words are spilt in a bubbling blood spit of eager necessity. A track that needs more time this one and one that doesn't grab any dangling and loose foot-tapping strings - it comes and goes and no matter how much I play it leaves little impression - the rhythmic runt in the thriving pack no less.

'God's Not Here' is a demo but nonetheless it is a ruddy good song with a feet on the ground approach and a wake-up and realise stance many may be offended by. A general anti-religion outpouring, a finger poke at those with heads in the Heavens rather than at level tangible. The desperation in the delivery is borne from a disbelief and it works mighty well. 'I Don't Care', in some ways, conveniently backs up its predecessor with a grinding primaeval release of 'fuck-free' passion that coughs, splutters and staggers along in a satisfyingly disjointed and unorthodox style. Almost free-hand fuckwittery with a jammed edge that is in keeping with my hammered lugs and wayward approach - from the mush a manky melody comes.

'What Are You For' may be a question to aim at 99% of the idle headed population, the ones who talk and yet never walk, who encourage but never do, who take it and fake it but never, ever make it. Look in the mirror and ask the question, see what answers you get. This is a real wake-up racket with a wind-blown junkyard feel back-shadowed with a dynamo of angst that keeps matters moving and on the edge. Just below the upper surface of racketology is a sub-epidermal layer of great control - it gives the song presence. We close with 'The Scene' - another song that sets a few posers and rips up the overlay of 'everything’s all right Jack'. A cosy veneer doesn't tell the whole story, we must tighten up below and recognise the need for solidarity. The band gravel kick their way through this closing number with the now recognisable flavour and much lo-fi gumption. There is an obvious passion here, a deep-rooted system of faith in something real and so easy to keep alive - the key, as ever, is to just get off yer arse and do without thought of self-gain - simples!

I like Nomatrix, I like what they do and this CD would be an ideal introduction for anyone not aware of the band and their style. By support folk like this we have a chance at keeping things varied, exciting and challenging – the choice is yours!


(DL54) NOMATRIX - Assemblage

This is a collection of single songs and a bit unreleased as well. Nomatrix I have some of these singles with before but it's fun to hear a whole and longer record with the group. An unreleased song is We are Fallen and here they have embraced a Bad Religion sound and that song is so damn good. Intense and I put it on time and time again. There's a lot of energy in this group and just listen to a song like Vanity and you'll see what I mean. There are a lot of influences and I could line up a lot but I don't want that because it would take away Nomatrix's greatness and I don't want to do that. Nomatrix grows in my eyes when you get this many songs at once. A really interesting punk band I have to say! Fight is another melodic punk song that I just love and it would be a shame and shame if not more heard this wonderful group. So why not try to get your hands on this record and just fly away! 13/6-2022

Swedish - Detta är en samling med singellåtar och lite outgivet också. Nomatrix har jag en del av dessa singlar med innan men det är kul att höra en hel och längre skivan med gruppen. En outgiven låt är We are Fallen och här har de anammat ett Bad Religion-sound och den låten är så förbannat bra. Intensiv och jag sätter på den gång på gång. Det finns mycket energi idenna grupp och lyssna bara på en sådan låt som Vanity så fattar ni vad jag menar. Det finns många influenser och jag skulle kunna rada upp en hel del men jag vill inte det eftersom det skulle ta ifrån Nomatrix sin storhet och det vill jag inte göra. Nomatrix växer i mina ögon när man får så här många låtar på en gång. Ett riktigt intressant punkband måste jag säga! Fight är en annan melodiös punklåt som jag bara älskar och det vore synd och skam om inte mer hörde denna underbara grupp. Så varför inte försöka få tag på denna skiva och bara digga loss! 13/6-2022

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