(DL56) LAMBPAIGN - England

With Deadlamb Records there is no profit, no pomposity and no hidden agenda. The label is a pure stalwart of supporting underdog noise and does it in a fine and unassuming way. Since day dot I have been on their side, I will continue to be so, labels like this are the lifeblood of music - the art is in the doing and doing for the utter love of it. This latest spilling is a mere 12 tracks, I invest good time as per and produce the usual honest, and hopefully, encouraging review.

We begin and 'No Choice' by Attestor is an affair that begins with crummy guitar grumblings and much agitation. The development takes us into a nasty tumble-fuck affair that has a fine ethos and kicks back at the fascists bastards and downright idiotic. The violence of this opening thrust is both obvious and controlled although when one comes out at the other end, one feels nicely roughed up. A decent start to a CD with much promise. 'Piece Of Meat' by Backstreet Abortions is wonderful action filled rabidity with a real snarling shit spew that has a delicious chorus desire that is neatly broken by some highly appealing guitar work – it sets my soul aflame. From the opening bee-fuzz frenzy through the marvellous counterpunches the song works a treat and I fuckin' love it. Foaming, fiery and not fuckin' having any of your shit, this is a minor zenith. Proud City Fathers follow, they are a solid unit and have a vicious edge that once more comes to the fore. 'Summer Of Hate' is a seething molten mass rolling your way with control and intensity before exploding into a gratuitous fountain of searing rage and hatred. The band play it remarkably tight, have me on the edge of my seat and ready to go throw a brick, shake someone until they wake the fuck up or indeed holler for all I am worth with utter disgust at a planet turning to rancid bilge. A fine band completing a fuckin' fine hat-trick.

Bass bumble, string statements, a skid and then into the hollering. In Evil Hour have a good reputation, 'Build It Up' proves why with a feisty and highly organised slap of sonic power-mongering. The lady at the helm may be petite in stature but she doesn't half let it gush forth with good gumption and is backed by a concrete unit of noise-makers who all contribute to a highly convincing eruption. This latest explosion shows why Deadlamb Records do what they do and how they have their lugs tuned in to many flavours - on we go - salivating. 'This Hating Nation' by Diaz Brothers has a more euro-feel to matters and a more technical edge with my only gripe that the vocals are too submerged for their own good and so lose some of their clarity and effectiveness. I hang on in there and put in some perspired effort - the outcome of my ponderings is of a song with sharp and sweeping guitar work and some rigid stick stabilisation but with a lack of snagging melody that grabs my personal receptors - these things happen and I am sure many will disagree with my verdict (I hope so).

Eastfield come next, a band that never fail to delight my sensors and once again, they do just that. What a fuckin' beautiful song this is and oh how it sums up the DIY spirit, belief and downright tenacious attitude of many folks out there. I love the light and breezy delivery, the transparency and the understanding of something that matters. The song is an immediate foot-tapper, a real joy - what a good band these lot are. Kicked In The Teeth come next and provide a nice tensed up counter-punch to the previous song. 'Dead Air' snarls and seethes whilst bashing away at a world of apathy and head-wanking idiocy. The strait-jacketed sensation is given a brief respite via shimmery nebularity that eases the pressure. A fair offering, reminiscent of many things I have heard before, but who cares as long as the bollocks are bared.

5 songs left, Zero Again stampede and rampage in that recognisable mad-as-fuck hardcorian way so many love to indulge in. 'Husk' is a shatter-clatter splat-fuck of unleashed mania and is the quintessential 'acquired taste' music. Like a dish of many flavours served, my hungry salivating senses need a peppering of spice to enhance the whole feast. This, if part of a slumgullion of similar spillage, would be too much to bear but here fits in just right and makes the overall meal taste mighty fine. Knife Club join the fray next with a positive product that encourages one to never give in and just keep on trying. 'You Can Only Try Your Best' has a good feel to it with a fair melody and some good vibes. The song may lack the true welly-wanking 'oomph' factor but the vocals work well in unison and there are many who will love this. Knife Club do what they do, they are certainly not out of place on this CD. The Hoors donate a strange and quite obvious song next with the swirling montage of filth and fuckery making 'Dirty Old Man' a difficult song to take to. Simple in many ways, crass in others, short and scurfy with a distinct completeness lacking. I don't like this one, it needs work but I suspect after a few beers, in the pit, I would be joining in with the spillings - daft ain't it.

The Sentence are a band I know well, they started off their journey in fine style and were lapped up by many faces. They have many good songs to their name, I am finding though (like I do with quite a few bands) the early stuff is outweighing later releases. There are many reasons for this which I have no time to go into here and I stick to the song under the spotlight. The guitars have a roughened edges, the bass provides meat on the bone and the drums splash with good muscle. The vocals are utterly raw and honest and the mode is perhaps typical of the genre but still does what it does with magnetising belief - you can't ask for anything more (or could you). We close with a feisty kicker that I love. 'Pink Bits' by Last Reserves takes a situation that has gone on for far too long, grabs the knackers of the patronising perpetrators and squeezes real hard whilst hollering out a sure-fire reaction. A gentle and deceiving start, a young girl watches, tries to get involved and gets labelled. The explosive action that comes is unruly, natural and laden with a frustration at a state of shittery all too rife in this so called 'normal' society. For me the song says 'piss on their expectations, defy their judgements, put a fist through their grooming guidebooks' and a make a fuckin' noise whilst doing so. A smashing full stop.

And once more Deadlamb delve, dabble and deliver an assortment of ditties that showcases the goodness found beneath the more blatant radars and where good life breeds good sounds. I hope this lot, as well as the bands, just continue on and on and keep pushing the boundaries - it needs doing don't ya know.


(DL56) LAMBPAIGN - England

Deadlamb has published similar collections before and this is one that is solely focused on English bands. Some I've heard in before like In Evil Hour, Eastfield and Zero Again but otherwise there are a lot of new bands for me. First up is Ättesttor with their fast and short punk song but what I hear here feels interesting. Backstreet Abortions with a female singer makes me think a little about Crass a bit and that's a good rating even if it's obviously not a ripoff or so. Proud City Fathers sound angry and it might not be so strange when they have a song called Summer of Hate... a little different in sound sometimes but so good! In evil hour is always good and it's gotten even better than the early material that I've heard. Diaz Brothers has a sound that is a bit different from the previous bands and here it is more punk rock in its own way than it would be hardcore. All this with Bad Religion choirs. Eastfield is always good and doesn't have much more to comment on about them... Kicked in the Teeth has a punk sound that I really like and would like to hear more of! Zero Again has the shortest and fastest song and it's easy to get run over by them. Knife Club has singers who are heard a lot over the music and I really like this. The Hoors have a sound that is the oddest thing on the record..... Second to last out is The Sentence and what strikes me that this could be a song by UK Subs and I say that as a compliment... really nice song. Last Reserves has the last and the longest song on the record. The song starts with a woman who speaks like some old Crass song and later it starts in an excellent way.....the record's best song? Desperate song by female singer but such a beautiful song! 13/6-2022

Swedish - Deadlamb har gett ut liknande samlingar förut och detta är en som enbart är fokuserad på engelska band. Några har jag hört in innan som In Evil Hour, Eastfield och Zero Again men annars är det många nya band för mig. Först ut är Attesttör med sin snabba och korta punklåt men det jag hör här känns intressant. Backstreet Abortions med en kvinnlig sångerska får mig att tänka lite på Crass och det är väl ett gott betyg även om det självklart inte är en ripoff eller så. Proud City Fathers låter arga och det kanske inte är så konstigt när de har en låt som heter Summer of Hate…lite annorlunda i soundet ibland men så bra! In evil hour är alltid bra och det har blivit ännu bättre än det tidiga materialet som jag hört. Diaz Brothers har ett sound som skiljer sig lite från de föregående banden och här är det mer punkrock på ett eget sätt än att det skulle vara hardcore. Allt detta med Bad Religion-körer. Eastfield är ju alltid bra och har inte så mycket mer att kommentera om dem…Kicked in the Teeth har ett punksound som jag verkligen gillar och skulle vilja höra mer av! Zero Again har den kortaste och snabbaste låten och det är lätt att blir överkörd av dem. Knife Club har sångare som hörs mycket över musiken och jag gillar verkligen detta. The Hoors har ett sound som är det mest udda på skivan…..Näst sist ut är The Sentence och det som slår mig att detta skulle kunna vara en låt av UK Subs och det säger jag som en komplimang…riktigt skön låt. Last Reserves har den sista och den längsta låten på skivan. Låten börjar med en kvinna som talar likt någon gammal Crass-låt och senare sätter den igång på ett ypperligt sätt…..skivans bästa låt? Desperat sång av kvinnlig sångerska men så skön låt! 13/6-2022

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