(DL58) KNIFE CLUB - Our Rules, Our Club

Love this. This is a group I really want to hear more of. Their fast punk with both woman and man on vocals is really something that appeals to me. And with songs like Stolen Focus, No motivation and with a title like the LP is called, there is a lot of attitude. One of my favourite songs on the album is definitely Stolen Focus which is a melodic but tough and fast song that really sticks. Almost gets a little Rezillos feeling but harder musically on that song. It would be great if more people open their eyes to this colourful group. So if you have a little smartness, you will immediately after this go in and order or at least listen to Knife Club and their punk because it will make you happy. I don't have to do the same thing because I have the record at home... So it so. 14/9-2023 - 8 Stars

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(DL58) KNIFE CLUB - Our Rules, Our Club

Geenger Records recently teamed up with TNS Records, Kink Records, DIY Kolo, 5FeetUnder, NoTime Records, Deadlamb Records, and Aktiver Ausstand In Plastic for another excellent vinyl release. Our Club, Our Rules is the third full-length album by Knife Club, the UK melodic punk rock group. Knife Club previously released two excellent full-lengths like We Are Knife Club and Club Classics, alongside We Are Knife Club sampler CD and Lockdown Acoustic EP. Our Club, Our Rules, comes in a pink or a duck egg green variant housed in a quality cardboard vinyl sleeve. The front cover art contains a traditional/old-school tattoo flash of a woman stabbed with knives, while the back cover includes a track list and record label logos. The inlay cover carries a band photo on one side, while the other reveals a lyric sheet and all the necessary information about the release. Also, it’s good to mention that the first fifty copies come with a full-colour zine that includes individual artwork for each song.

Knife Club doesn’t sound like another contemporary melodic punk rock band. They unquestionably lean towards that modern style, but you’ll notice some aggressive classic British punk rock included along the way. There are even some similarities with bubblegum, power pop, and synth-wave bands due to the high presence of keyboard themes, leads, melodies, and harmonies. Some readers might notice a slight resemblance with anarcho-punk bands due to the many female and male vocal harmonies, sing-along's, and other singing dualities. Of course, the band included some hard rock and classic rock ‘n’ roll riffs onto some tracks, so this material carries something for everyone. It’s a fresh and unique blend of complementary music genres that flawlessly works with all the ideas Knife Club invested into their new full-length.

With all these different styles and the relentless energy of each involved band member, this material doesn’t have weak spots. Each composition delivers impressive vocal harmonies, keyboard themes, synth leads, catchy chord progressions, powerful riffs, equally detailed bass lines, and energetic rhythmic sequences. It’s also mind-blowing how each song contains some reasonable amounts of that pop-punk mellowness, melody, and harmony but retains more than enough classic punk rock aggression, ferociousness, and dynamics. Knife Club somehow found that sweet spot where every delivered orchestration bursts with everything you dearly love about punk rock music. Each band member gave 100% while writing, composing, and recording Our Club, Our Rules, and that’s vividly hearable from scratch to finish. Therefore, head to Geenger Records if you’re located in the Balkans for more information about ordering this punk rock gem or visit other involved record labels for the rest of the world.

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