(DL58) THE STEAM PIG - The Early Years

A really masty collection this with 53 songs in one box. It is the first cassette from 1996 until songs recorded in July 1997. A lot of nice song titles or how about Skins and punks and other breakfast cereals, Shannen Doherty's beaten foetus and Blame it all on scum like me and you quickly understand that everything is not serious for the group. I got the idea that the first demo had with Charlie Harper, but when I read the text again, it was called Getting over the wall with Charlie Harper. Their sound on this cassette (which is now on CD then) and the 15 songs are fast punk songs in some kind of street punk spirit but with a little more humor. The fact that the fifteen songs would only be on one cassette has now been remedied by Deadlamb with this double CD release. I would just like to say that I am very happy that it is on CD because the 15 songs are all small punk classics in themselves. Just listen to the 2-minute song In a confession box and you'll know what I mean. It's a messy record for sure, but it's messy in a charming and nice way. Even Ramones covers and on this CD we also get a Bangles and a Wat Tyler cover... so beautiful. The remaining tracks on this CD 1 are demo tracks from Electra and Aungler Street DIT in Dublin. I just love the song Trigger Happy with the nice bass loop. A hit! Roadkill girl is a song that sticks a lot depending on the beautiful style. The second CD contains sessions for Wy-id t'd double and Motörhead at 5 am plus three songs from Sun Studios, also located in Dublin. I notice already at half-time that I just loves such big compilations because there is a lot to read and here we get to read about every song by this fast-playing punk band. Interesting to read how they thought and it is when things like this are included in records I understand that you do not like Spotify and the like because there you get nothing like that. In and of itself, it's not on Spotify anyway! The second album continues in the same way with its fast punk rock and it is more than charming I think and here we get song titles like Blame it all on scum like me, , Fail your bloodtest and Motorhead at 5am. Hard to sit still anyway when listening to their music and this double CD is a well invested purchase if you choose to buy the album because you will not be sad if you like fast-playing punk. Why not get a little poorer but get 53 songs richer. A really nice and desperate version of Radiators from Spaces Enemies is how nice any time. Constitution Hill is another song that deviates from the usual style and is quite fun as well. A fantastically fun collection it is anyway. 18/9-2023 - 9 Stars

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